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    <em>Posted by's Paul Kuharsky</em> <p>Early this week I invited you to join me in playing a little fantasy football and asked this: If the <a href="" target="_new">Tennessee Titans</a> could <a href="/blogs/afcsouth/0-7-432/If-the-Titans-could-add-any-one-player----.html" target="_blank">add any one player</a> in the NFL, who would the best choice be?</p> <p>Based on the Cardinals Super Bowl run and the phenomenal play of receiver <a href="" target="_new">Larry Fitzgerald</a> in getting them there, he's a popular pick for a team that's lacked a dynamic speedster on the outside since at least the mid 1990s.</p> <p>Before the official selection, a review of some of the best feedback I got from the Tennessee faithful.</p> <p><strong>Brian in Williamsburg:</strong> Regarding what player could the Titans add: We definitely need a playmaker at receiver, but I don't think a high profile guy is what we need, our system won't produce the numbers they expect and I really don't think we'd keep them happy with a coach who would run on every snap if he could get away with it. Given that background, I think the player who would help us most is <a href="" target="_new">Hines Ward</a>, the guy's got great instincts to get to make the catch and do what he can with it, but he contributes so much more to the team. I don't know if there is a better blocking receiver in the league, which is critical in a system that runs as much as Tennessee. I was actually thinking about the same subject this weekend and realized that Hines Ward is exactly what we need to take the team to another level.</p> <p><strong>bojackson30:</strong> Honestly, and this may just be because he's on the brain... but I think Boldin would be a great fit for the titans, particularly because of his YAC ability, which is something we haven't seen from a receiver otherwise in a long while. We have a good possession guy in Gage, and I think Boldin would be dynamic enough and complement him well.</p> <p><strong>Ben in Christchurch, New Zealand:</strong> Regarding adding one player - how could a team like the Titans or the Texans theoretically add a non-premium position like WR or DT when you could add an outstanding QB to take clear control of the team? Collins is a stop gap at the Titans, and Young was overdrafted in my opinion. He never will be the passer that they need. Schaub at the Texans is too injury prone to be the answer. Even Garrard at the Jags pales in comparison to a top level QB.</p> <p><strong>FatCowToes:</strong> While nearly every Titans fan would love to see them go out and get a big-time receiver, I think you can argue that the coaching staff wouldn't necessarily take advantage of him. For instance, I can't imagine Jeff Fisher would ever allow his QB to throw jump-balls to Fitzgerald all day like <a href="" target="_new">Kurt Warner</a> does. I think the best fit at receiver for them would be a solid possession guy who's also a fearless blocker to aid the running game. Someone like Hines Ward (especially if you can take 5 years off of his knees) or <a href="" target="_new">Wes Welker</a> comes to mind.</p> <p>Honestly, I think the best what-if player for the Titans would be an upgrade at QB. Again, style has to be considered, so I don't think that Manning or Brady or Brees would really be the best fit. But could you imagine the Titans offense with Roethlisberger under center? He could get the most out of a mediocre crop of receivers, yet he also wouldn't complain about being in a run-heavy offense.</p> <p><strong>Chris in Murfreesboro:</strong> If we got Anquan Bolden.. I'd probably crap myself. As dynamic <a href="" target="_new">Andre Johnson</a> is, he's not leaving Houston. I knooow we're probably not in the running for Q, but I'd love to see just how badly he wants out of Arizona and how badly our receiver coach pitches Fish' for a playmaker of his own after <a href="" target="_new">Earnest Byner</a> got his in the draft. PLEASE FISH.. JUST TRY Q!!!</p> <p><strong>Leonwa:</strong> Larry Fitzgerald would make an older <a href="" target="_new">Kerry Collins</a> or a shaky <a href="" target="_new">Vince Young</a> look very good.</p> <p>I understand the thinking with Hines Ward, but tend to lean towards a counter argument. While Ward fits their physical motif, a receiver whose primary characteristics are speed and the ability to win the ball in the air would actually add more.</p> <p>So this one ends where it began.</p> <p>In the AFC South Blog's Plus One, the Titans select Larry Fitzgerald.</p>

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