I'm tired of the negativity - what has IMPRESSED you thus far this season?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by steverife, Oct 10, 2012.

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    Lamest argument ever. I have never claimed to better! In fact I'm no where close to being as good as any backup in the NFL.
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    The goTitans tailgates :banjump::beerbang::tailgate:

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    Great thread idea, we need some positive discussions around here.

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    IDK, aside from 2 plays, I've been pretty impressed with Verner thus far.
  5. Ensconatus

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    When I've went back and watched lockers play against the pats and against Detroit I've been impressed. A few plays here and there that a rookie is gonna screw up but overall, really showed the poise and maturity we need at the position. Dude can sling it. Hopefully he can get and stay healthy for us.
  6. titan_fan_4ever

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    • We actually have two very good starting CBs, thats something very valuable in this league. With literally zip pressure and QBs strait chillin against us under center, coverage has been almost amazing (again, relative to the situation.) They have also been there in run support.
    • Our young LBs have shown promise - all of them. Not consistent performers yet (in fact far from), but I really like the combination of Ayers, McCarthy, and Zach going forward. We just need to get better at giving them space to work with. And I think they should work on getting just a little stronger (i.e. bigger). I know playing with weights often isnt a good thing, but at least for Mac/Zach in particular it will help them get off blocks better. I've seen both of them get completely absorbed by O-linemn. However, they do both have good speed and with the TE's burn us I don't want that extra weight to slow them down.
    • I still think we have a good amount of overall talent at skill positions but I believe (like many here) that the FO, coordinators, D-Line, and O-Line share most of the blame (as for RB, if CJ doesn't do anything we can find a great back next year anywhere from the 3rd round to 'undrafted.')
    • Hey, at least Amano is not out tackling CJ to make things even worse... (is that even possible?) Sorry for the - , back to +'s.
    • I like Locker's progression, everyone kept criticizing his accuracy coming out of college - me included early on. He has done a good job making me a believer though in the short time he's played. I think when he settles down a bit, he will be much better. He won't have Manning/Brady accuracy, but he makes up for it in other ways. (Also, the few times the o-line has actually given him time, he's made some really good passes). He's a quick learner too (after watching Rivers use the quick-count so well) he picked it up and used it well. He also looks down-field in general and is not a 'run first' guy like i thought he would be.
    Really right now my focus would be on fixing BOTH O and D Lines - even before the coordinators. The game is played up front, everyone knows this and if you struggle there everything tends to look bad.

    We need to draft 7 (O / D) linemen next year - or maybe 6 and a S - no no, Final Answer, 5 linemen, 1 S, and 1 RB... (LOL)
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    Oh, NFL Season Ticket has impressed me so far. I can actually watch the Titans games instead of some bootleg steam.
  8. xpmar9x

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    Our jerseys have impressed me.. we don't have the stupid collar look!
  9. Smash

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    Ryan Mouton has been a positive experience. Better than expected/remembered. But he still can't catch a ball...

    And Brett Kern! - MVP!

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    Have you felt one? They feel very different.
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