I'm officially on the Jake Locker bandwagon.

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by HeadOnASwivel, Apr 27, 2011.

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    I just posted the Billick video in another thread. But, I don't think he's terrible. Despite the accuracy issues, he can be successful in our offense. He just has to support the run game with play action.

    IMO, there is only one way to fix his accuracy, and that is to change his release. Mark it down, if he ever fixes this issue, it will be due to this. We refused to do it with VY, but we have to do it here. His current 3/4 release is quick, efficient, and it looks pretty. It might have been a product of his baseball upbringing. But, I have scouted many of his games, and anytime he throws an accurate ball, it comes over the top. That's why he's accurate on the run, because he throws it over the top to generate more throwing power.

    The most accurate QBs in the league have over the top releases: Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady. Logically, it makes sense. If you go over the top, you have more options on release points. In a 3/4 release, you minimize your release points.



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    It was widely reported that the problem with Locker's accuacy was his footwork. He was overstriding and keeping his feet too far apart. It was also reported that he made significant improvement in this area just between the combine and his pro day by working with his QB coach Ken O'Brien.

    Folks need to calm down a bit, quit overreacting and give Jake a chance before rushing to judgement.
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    I know right? Vikings are such idiots.
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    Fired an OC better than the one we have now? You haven't even seen our offense yet so unless your Nostradamus I wouldn't jump to conclusions.

    Heimerdinger sucked btw. Guy didn't know how to utilize CJ properly or get Moss on the field with Britt because that would just make too much sense. Did you ever once see us utilize a screen to the fastest RB in the league or attempted to get him the ball in space this past season. No you didn't and Fisher is part of the problem too because it took Scaife getting pissed off and benched for Cook to get playing time and look what happens the guy produces.

    This offense was so pathetic for what it could have been. No screens, not getting CJ the ball in space, trying to make Jared Cook a blocker before he saw playing time when you drafted him to be a receiving threat in round 2 which you traded up for, and running a 200 lb speed back into 8 man front play after play.

    Oh an Washburn left before Munchak was even hired because Fisher was stepping down/fired whatever you want to call it. He didn't let Wash go he choose to go on his own since the coaching staff was headed for an overhaul. Keep spewing nonsense by all means though.
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    I've been a supporter of Locker, so I'm glad to see him in a Titans uniform, but I was honestly surprised that he was taken at eight.

    One of the local broadcasters up here in Seattle (Brock Huard) offered a good perspective on Jake's selection shortly after the pick was announced...

    "...Amidst all the adversity of last season, Jake never wavered. When his Heisman dreams fell apart and the losses mounted, Jake never whined, complained or made excuses. When we pointed to his accuracy issues and inconsistent play, he never backed down or talked about a porous offensive line and dropped passes. When his record as a starting quarterback of 15-25 was questioned, Jake owned it and took full responsibility for it.

    In the end, I think that is why he went No. 8. Not because of the spirals, pro day, 4.5 40 or high ceiling, but because in a me-first day and age, Jake is a throwback to the team-first day and age. It won't be pretty right away, and if Jake is thrown in the fire as a rookie, there probably won't be a lot of wins in Year 1. But unlike his predecessor in Nashville, the Titans know Jake won't throw his pads in the stands and turn his back on his coach. They know he has been battle-tested and beaten up, and yet he endured. They know if it doesn't start well, Jake's got the persistence and courage to make it end well..."

    This is definitely a different direction the team is heading, and I, for one, am happy with that.

    (I'm going to get the first Titans jearsey I will have owned since Eddie George this year.) Good Luck Jake.

    All this being said, I still think we should sign a vet to give Jake time to work into the system.

    2nd round: Paea or Ayers...

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    You guys will fall in love with Jake Locker, You can fix accuracy issues, but you can't teach intangibles, you can't teach that ability to inspire courage and confidence in your teammates. Jake is the ultimate gym rat, he will never back down, he will never give up, and people will love that about him. Yes he has a tendancy to try to do too much, sometimes he forces things into double coverage when he shouldn't, but at the end of the day Jake is a high character guy, high upside guy, fix his accuracy and he will be golden. You guys will LOVE him in the community

    When Tim Tebow announced he was coming back for one more year...he announced it in a arena full of people, when Jake Locker announced it, he showed up to coach sark's office in his beatup pick up truck and his hunting dog to let him know he was staying.

    When all the NFL draft recruits were either in the green room..or had espn cameras in their homes, Jake celebrated his decision with friends and family..but no media. This should tell you much you need to know about Jake. He is a great, down to earth guy, that likes to go shooting, spend time with his family and friends, and just a great guy for the community. Nashville will fall in love with Jake Locker.
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    Seemed like Tennessee is where he wanted to be picked...pretty cool.
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