I'm officially on the Jake Locker bandwagon.

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by HeadOnASwivel, Apr 27, 2011.

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    ^Completely agree. We don't know what he's taught, how his offense is run, etc. He missed the open WR, but he still made the play. You can't mark him down for that. But, it's become clear to me (especially since watching those clips you posted by Ossai) that his accuracy issues may also be due to making the wrong read. Defenses only get harder, and he will have to make pre-snap reads in the NFL. The game moves too quickly nowadays, it's why I believe offenses like the Run & Shoot have been phased out.

    Anyway, I haven't had the chance to look at the final drive yet. I've been busy with school the past couple of weeks, but I'll have some free time coming up.
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    As anyone on here who knows me will tell you, I'm always up for an in-depth discussion. Just note I'm working a ton so responses sometimes take time.


    I said sometimes, so no, he shouldn't be making very poor throws from a clean pocket 'all the time.' As for him throwing into a lot more double coverage - two points. One, as I showed in this clip, some of the double coverage is of his own creation by locking onto targets with his eyes and him allowing deep defenders to get a head start on giving help. Secondly, this is simply 15min of game film involving one game and he didn't throw deep much. But the flip side is, he didn't seem to recognize when players would be coming wide open from pre-snap read, dropback/reading the defense, and even looking in the direction of his WR. The point regarding double coverage and what I was showing in the clips is his ability to read the defense, scan the field, find the open guy, and deliver a strike.

    The main point was to show what he needs work on and some film so some can see WHY he is inaccurate at times. I think a lot of us have read his strengths and weaknesses, but I like to see them on film personally.

    I saw too many missed throws AND opportunities for a top QB prospect. Again, it was one game and these were'nt even all his throws for the game so it's not an end all be all for him, just a snippet.

    When I have more time, I'd like to watch a lot more film on him and see and more broad range of what he can do and did do. That will give me a better idea of him. As someone mentioned, perhaps he didn't see the field because it was a new offense. Only times and a lot of game film will tell whether it was his unfamiliarity with the system or him having an issue reading the D, etc.

    I look forward to you posting some game film to be discussed.

    And BTW, I used this because someone suggested it. I will check youtube for more or if anyone has any to post, please feel free. Also send me a PM if you do start a thread with Locker game film so I see it.

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    Excellent points!

    College QB's who are willing to do everything and have great intangibles don't always succeed unfortunately because you have to do it on the field. You can work as hard as you want, but it all comes down to being able to do all of this stuff...pre-read the d, have good footwork, read the D, go through your progressions, find the open man, pull the trigger and deliver an accurate throw - even when you have a 280lb DE with a 10 yard sprint bearing down on you and trying to knock you into next week.

    Time will tell. We have HOPE in the meantime.

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    IMO, he underthrew the deep ball because the pressure kept him from having his feet set and striding into the throw. When you throw back shoulder fades, you gun the ball so the defender can't adjust. He was just lucky the defender had no clue he'd lobbed the ball down there or it's anyone's ball.

    The FS is preoccupied by the slot WR - not the outside WR running the square in. Yes, that receiver is just breaking when Locker is at the top of his drop, but that's how you throw the guy open. He had a window to throw the ball into and chose not to pull the trigger. Sorry, but that's a bad decision. H chose not to throw it to a guy coming open in favor of a guy who was already covered. If he wasn't gonna throw the TD, he should have run the ball with 1 defender between him and the TD with 1/3 of the field to work with. He would have scored!

    I can't disagree with you enough. It looks like cover 3 even pre-snap with a single high s and the CB's playing way off (against inferior talent - if it was man they'd be closer knowing the WR's can't beat them deep - especially closer in the RZ). The playside CB stays in his deep zone. His first read on this is probably the slant. It's open in the zone but he has to throw it on time and accurately. If he can't make that throw, that window will be even smaller in the NFL. And that is NOT a risky throw unless you think throwing against zone defenses is, in general, just risky. That is a normal sized window. Bad decision because the WR either scores or is close. Also, reading the defense should have been the clue that the backside slot might be open and to check there. I don't know how Sarkisian coaches them so I don't know if his routes and or progressions change based on the defense. But there is no excusing him not pulling the trigger on the playside slant which is probably his first read and the guy was breaking open when Locker was ready to throw. Bad decision. Made a very nice throw at the end, but you have to take what the defense is giving you or it's only gonna be MUCH more difficult in the NFL.

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    Again for me I just don't see any accuracy 'issues' beyond those legitimately caused by the level of pass protection. (And by accuracy are you talking about comp % or ball placement?)

    For me an issue only exsists when the prospect does the 'issue' to a greater extent then he should in comparison to other top prospects.
    Therefore for me there is no accuracy 'issue'.

    Note, I'm not saying he doesn't miss throws he does.
    I simply don't see Jake miss more throws then any other top prospect.
    (I charted at least 1 game from: Gabbert, Newton, Mallett, Dalton and took a close look at Ponder, Stanzi, and Tyrod.)

    I agree.
    Jake will have to work on that aspect of his game.
    But, so will every college QB and Jake is ahead of QBs like Newton, Gabbert and Dalton because he played in a pro-style offense where it was all on him, literally. Protections, pre-snap, etc.

    And when you compare him to Christian Ponder a QB who also played in a pro-style offense surrounding by far superior talent their production is on par (as is his production in comparison to Gabbert).

    I took my final 2 weeks ago the freedom feels good.
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    Agreed, JL has to show it on the field for the Titans, plain and simple.
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