I'm officially on the Jake Locker bandwagon.

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by HeadOnASwivel, Apr 27, 2011.

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    Matt Ryan didnt have the best TD/INT ration or completion percentage in college and hes turned out very good. I think Jake Locker is the toughest QB in this draft, plus hes very atheltic has a big arm and is a good leader who wants nothing more then to work hard and win. I'm very happy with the pick.
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    First post!

    I am a Seattle Seahawks fan, and I have come here to tell you that you guys got a real winner in Jake Locker. I'm basically the same age as him and and grew up about 10 minutes away from him, so we know a lot of the same people and I've even met him at my work (casino in the town he grew up in). He is a stand up guy, hard worker like many have said, and never grows complacent. Many of the prospects this year had personality or character issues, but he is the one QB off the board (maybe besides Dalton) that are mature grown men in a young man's body.

    I am also a huge Husky fan and watched him play all 4 years. I'm hoping I can dispell some of the worries that you have about his play and his lack of production at times. As you'll read here

    http :// sports. yahoo. com/ nfl/news?slug=ms-silver_rogue_ scout_enjoys_label_042511

    (Remove the spaces on the link obviously) Jake has the throwing mechanics of Brett Favre, has great arm strength, but unfortunately his receivers had a hard time getting open, or they would drop passes. Had Jake gone to a school where they had elite receivers, and good blocking (he was constantly forced out of the pocket) he would have tremendous stats. Naysayers that claim he cannot pass out of the pocket have only seen him at UW where even when a D lineman wasn't busting through the middle he was being pressured from the ends and didn't get time to throw, in addition to poor receivers.

    Jake is a hard worker, first one in the weight room, last one out. He is a natural leader, not like that phony Time Tebow. Guys like Locker and they like playing for him. He rallies the players around him, especially in pressure and late game situations. He is a born winner, he put the Husky teams on his back and won games based on his play alone. He is the yin to VY's yang, he doesn't have character issues, he is going to be a team player. He is also incredibly mobile, there was talk of him maybe playing safety at the next level.

    I think that if he gets 1-2 years of "redshirting" and learning the NFL system, adjusting to the play speed, and working on his progressions, he will be a very solid starting QB for your team for many years. He really has only worked in a pro-style offense for 2 years, and before that did not have coaches that taught him to play an NFL style game. The worries about his accuracy are more accurately aimed towards his tendency to overthrow on the deep ball, this is due to him "over striding" and putting too much weight on the back foot, causing the ball to sail. I am concerned that your team will start him before he is ready, which I think would be a colossal mistake.

    Anyways congratulations on a very solid pick, I will be buying a Locker Titans jersey! Hopefully he will prove me right on this and the naysayers wrong!
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    No offense to Chris Palmer, but getting Eli Manning to improve his accuracy after his rookie year isn't mind blowing. Eli proved he could get to 60% in college, he was bound to hit that mark in the NFL. Comparing Eli to Locker doesn't even make sense.

    That being said, I really hope we sign someone who can start for 2 years while Locker learns. At least 2 years. It won't happen though.

    ^To the guy above, I understand the myriad of problems surrounding Locker. No talent around him, 2 years in the pro style, etc. None of that worries me as much as the drop off from junior year to senior year. What explanation is there for that? To me, it seems like defenses figured him out, and he couldn't adjust.
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    Here are a collection of explanations that I, as a Locker fan, can offer you..
    1) Injuries... Played with a broken rib much of the season.
    2) Unstable O-Line. Players shuffled all year looking for a combo that worked.
    3) Drops. UW lead Div-1 in drops this year... 44.
    4) No TE this year.
    5) Doesn't matter what his stats are, year over year, his team won more games...
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    I guess as long as he doesn't play Nebraska every week he will be OK......wait, every NFL team is like Nebraska on defense. I just pray he can make the subtle changes and they can insert the right offense so he can be successful.
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    The thing about the drops is a great point and I want to take it a little further.

    If you add in his drops to his completion % it goes from 55 to 68 (I'm using the number 41 drops which is the number I found). But obviously no team is going to have a zero in the drops category. So for comparisons sake, lets give him 17 drops on the year instead of 41. 17 drops is what Andrew Luck had. So factoring in 17 drops instead of 41 his competion percentage is still well over 60% at 63%.

    These numbers still are not taking into account all the balls he had to throw away to keep from taking a sack. Gruden alluded to this when we first picked him. He mentioned how terrible Locker's o-line was and that he was constantly running for his life and throwing away the ball to live for another down. Now if you put him with a team with good recievers and a solid o-line, there's no telling how good he can be.

    The more I think about it, the more excited I am that we took him. The VY years are over!
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    Anybody else out there who wants to jump on the bandwagon? The season is more fun if you're on here with us all.
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    Locker is a true QB, a leader. Something we've lacked since McNair.
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