Im bored, guess I'll mock.

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by PAtitansfan53, Feb 26, 2012.

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    Yeah, that was a pick I struggled with, but I kinda get the feeling Blackmon's stock is dropping slightly and I know other players stock is beginning to rise. Floyd/Wright/Hill seem to be on the rise and not real sure about Jeffery at the moment. Went with best available at that point that somewhat took care of a need or upgrade. Also, Hill may have been a better pick for SF.
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    I'm in for the GM mock draft
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    Updated 3/20

    Free Agency:

    OG Steve Hutchinson
    DE Kamerion Wimbley
    CB William Gay
    OC Jamaal Jackson
    DT Amobi Okoye


    1. Dre Kirkpatrick CB/S Alabama
    2. Vinny Curry DE Marshall
    3. Josh Chapman DT Alabama
    4. David Molk C Michigan
    5. Lucas Nix G Pittsburgh
    6. Terrance Ganaway RB Baylor
    7. Tyler Nielsen LB Iowa
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    I'd like us to go this route:
    Free Agency:
    OG Hutchison
    DE Wimbley
    CB Tracy Porter
    OC Dan Koppen
    BIG DT: Sammie Hill

    1. SS Mark Barron (eventual replacement for Babineaux)
    2. OG Kevin Zeitler (possible day 1 starter at RG)
    3. DE Jake Bequette (Underrated beast of a DE)
    4. LB Vontaze Burfict (Don't care about his combine or poor interview; the man's a beast; I think he could start at OLB and become a team captain)
    5. C Michael Brewster (Can learn from a vet and eventually become starter)
    6. Best DT available
    7. Best CB available

    It will be hard to pass up some of them d-lineman in the first round, but Mark Barron is just too good of a safety.
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