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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by ammotroop, Apr 25, 2006.

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  1. Delaware Titan

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    McNair would be stupid to leave, because he is not going to get the money anywhere else that he will get here. Im sure with the restructured deal we are probably offering him in the range of 4-5 per year over the next 3 years. Can Baltimore offer him that maybe, I'm not sure of their cap situation, but it has already been said that no matter who the Ravens bring in they arent going to be handed the job. Billick has been quoted saying that they arent going to give up on Boller but want a veteran QB to help with his development and be a potential starterif Boller struggles.
  2. bulluck4dMVP

    bulluck4dMVP Pro Bowler

    i think with us HOPEFULLY drafting vince, steve will probably just come back.......
  3. He might come back, who knows, apparantely he likes Vince Young, so if Mcnair and the Titans can figure something out like a 1 or 2 year deal for good money, not eccentric money like he wants, he might come back.

    Then if the Titans don't go to the Super Bowl, in his last couple of years, he'll hop on a teams roster, earn O.K money, and go on win a Super Bowl ring like he deserves!
  4. theprizdfighter

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    I really have no clue which QB we will pick. I'll be happy with either three of the QBs. I'd even be happy with taking D'Brickshaw and then nabbing Omar Jacobs in the third (yes I know we don't have one now, but we can trade for one).

    I want us to take Young, and keep McNair for atleast this last year on his contract and/or restructure it.

    BUT the more I think about it, it looks like we will take Leinart, cut McNair, and start Volek until Leinart can go which shouldn't be too long. Especially since we haven't heard anything at all from Volek. Last year there were talks of him wanting to be a starter (being traded). So if we we're going to keep McNair wouldn't we be hearing Volek talking about being traded?

    I don't see us taking Cutler unless we'd trade down which I wouldn't mind to get more quality picks. I can also see us dropping a few spots and still getting Young.

    Either way this weekend is going to be really exciting. I can't wait, as I'm sure everyone else can't either. I have faith in the FO to take the right QB.
  5. Broken Record

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    I wouldn't read anything into Billy's silence. I doubt Volek has any idea who the draft pick will be. He might even have less of an educated guess than some of us who religiously follow all the draft news/combine/mocks etc.

    It would certainly be more beneficial for Volek, at this point, to keep his mouth shut because there's a decent chance of him being the starter this year. If he comes out and says he wants to be traded and yadda yadda and then we pick Leinart and dump McNair, it would certainly hurt his rep locally and with the fans. If Billy is going to say anything at all, he'd be much better served by waiting until the McNair situation is resolved.

    I agree with you about drafting Young and restructuring McNair, though. I think that's the best move short term and long term for the Titans.
  6. EZpickin

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    I disagree I think that Mcnair will be back, he's not going to get the number Cook wants anywhere.. He's a great QB and has been for us for 11 years. I think he re-ups 2 yr deal & retires as a Titan and after seeing what happened to eddie and others, I think they'll work this out and he'll be back.. (I know I'll catch hell for saying it but I believe it..)
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