If you had to fire either Gray or Palmer?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by ScotTitan, Oct 7, 2012.

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    Oh, don't get me wrong, I hate Palmer as much as anyone. But I question whether Gray truly understands defensive principals and his recognition. I just think he's very deficient as a football mind. Yeah, I know he played a long time in the league but that doesn't mean squat.
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    I have to go with Gray because I feel like the defensive schemes fail more than the play calling. It's a BS zone that allows WR's to get open at all. The offense has been bad but MH just stunk it up today. That's not on Palmer. 80% of the defensive woes have been on Gray.
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  3. Smash

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    Palmer is playing fisherball, despite all the explosive receiving weapons and no running game and Jerry Grey is playing Chuck Cecil.
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    Hasselbeck played like a rookie yesterday. Staring down receivers and not checking off to the right play. We ran a sweep to the left and the defense was over loaded on that side but he ran it anyway for a loss. What were the benefits of having a guy with experience?

    Actually i would start with the 2 line coaches Matthews and Rocker because we are underachieving up front. The secondary coach would be next. I would say that Mathews is the team's worst coach.

    Of course nobody is going to get fired until the end of the season. They have the opportunity to turn things around. Just hard to imagine.
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    Justify that statistically. There is nothing Fisherball about this offense at all. Sorry you don't know what you are talking about.

    We are 31st in the league in rush attempts.
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    Watch the games. You don't know what you are talking about. - And I'm not sorry for saying that. Dont just rely on bogus statistics. Number show what you want them to show.

    Our defense is dead last in points allowed. In all 4 games the opponents has scored the first points and we've trailed ever since.
    Just look at the play calling vs. the ViQueens. They put only 7 in the box, but all 3 LBs between their ends and only 2-3 yards behind the LOS. Despite this, Palmer calls 2 consecutive runs up the middle and it's topped of with a short MH dump off. Our O-line wasn't able to get any push all day and yet these predictable calls keep rolling in.
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    15 carries a game is NOT Fisherball! 31st in the league in rush attempts is not Fisherball! And right now most of us would take Fisherball over what we got because his team is 3-2!

    Palmer and Fisher have nothing to do with each other, they never coached together on the same team but mentally lazy people use that term to describe Palmer.

    If a running play is called the there are 9 men in the box it is up to the QB to check off to another play. This is the nfl not peewee football every QB has 2 plays he can run. Any QB can change the direction of the play from one side to the other.

    Look at CJ's stats with Jeff fisher and dare to call this Fisherball.

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    Stuff the stats up where the sun don't shine and start watching the games and the play calling RollTide.

    Watch the games!
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    I would say Palmer. He has a ton of talent, and doesn't know what to do with it. Gray sucks too, but at least he doesn't have much talent on D. We have more talent on O than a lot of teams, but still can't score points.
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    I saw munchak on the sideline laughing near the end of the game. THIS IS NOT A HOW COACH WHO IS GETTING BLOWN OUT SHOULD BE ACTING. He brings no motivation to the team and that is what we are missing the most. We are playing football without desire or passion and it is cancer that is spreading from our head coach that is killing our team! At least Fisher, as bad as he was, brought passion and got the most out of our players. MM is a joke, he is not a head coach!