If Wright, Jeffery, or Hill are there in the 2nd

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by ToddTheTitan, Apr 3, 2012.

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    I have a question for you college football guys since we are on the WR subject ...

    I don't really follow college football to a great extent so I don't really know much about the players once you get out of the 1st round projected guys (and thats just from reading about them leading up to the draft), but I do remember a couple of guys that seemed to have some hype during the season, but now I don't hear their names being talked about anywhere.

    1st guy is Nick Toon. I thought this guys was supposed to be pretty high as far as WRs are concerned, what happened to him? Did his stock fall, or was he just never as good as I thought.

    Another guy I was thinking about was Ryan Broyles. I know he tore his ACL or something, but I remember hearing some hype around him before that. How high do you think he would have gone had he stayed healthy? How far do you think he will drop now? Seems like he could be a steal if he is able to recover and falls into the later rounds.
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    If we go WR then we need to go for a guy with top end speed and quickness.

    I think Cook is similar to Jeffrey and Sanu in terms of being a big target that can go up and get the ball.

    I will be very surprised if WR is the 2nd rnd pick. It is one of the few areas that we have decent depth.

    I think DL or CB is going to be the 2nd rnd pick. That is where the value will be found.
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    I can help with Nick Toon, since i'm a Big10 guy:

    The hype around Nick Toon came his soph year... he put up 54 catches and 805 yards as a true sophomore, on a top notch Wisc team. He was then bothered by injuries his entire junior year (ankle & turf toe), and only put up 36 catches. His Senior year, he was struck by the injury bug again with the same ankle sprain I belives... and still put up 64 rec, 926 yards, and 10 TDs. Most scouts saw him as a 2nd-3rd rounder, but then sucked in the combine with a 4.54 40 (which is just average). However, his pro-day I believe he ran a 4.4-4.45 and had a vert of 39. I believe most scouts have him at 3rd-4th round grade. But all his hype came from his soph year, and people believed he would devlope into 1st round talent. His sucky junior year forced him to return. Interesting fact is that his dad was a pro-bowl wideout for the Jets.

    Bottom line:
    He's a 6'2 215 WR, with a 4.4-4.5 40 and a 39 Vert. He's strong (18 BP) and a very physical blocker and route runner. If he fell to us in the 4th round i'd pull the trigger, possibly in the 3rd (depending on who we get Rds 1 & 2, and if we get Koppen). He'd be a solid possession WR to pair with Britt and Washington. Solid #2 WR, reminds me of Anquan Boldin.
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    I personally think unless you are getting a top 5 Deffensive player. The 1st round should be used on Offense. We had great success last year with getting solid D talent in the later rounds (i.e. Ayers in 2nd, Klug in 4th) And previous years drafting Cortland in 7th, Verner in 5th, etc. A top flight WR is not going to be there in the late part of the 2nd. There are just too many teams that need WR help. And every WR we have picked in the 1st round has been a star. K-Dyson, Britt. Why not spend the 20th on Floyd, Wright, or Hill should they fall to us.

    The only WR besides Sanu that would be there at the end of the 2nd would be Jeffery. He has size that would add another big red zone target opposite Britt. But I think getting Wright, Hill, or Floyd at end of 1st is totally worth the gamble.
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    Unless someone falls to us in the 1st I rather go later in the draft. The position has a lot of depth this year and I would actually like Nick Toon who can be taken in the 3rd round range.

    1. BPA
    2. DL/OL
    3. WR

    Depending on who is available of course.
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