If the Titans are to trade for another player, it needs to be at CB

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, May 28, 2021.

  1. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    All this talk about giving up anything for Jones doesn't make sense when you realize how a below average to bad secondary in '20 may be WORSE in '21 because of lack of experience.

    Let's start out with Jenkins vs. Butler. Jenkins is actually a year older. If you believe PFF, Jenkins graded a 66.0 (3 INTs) and Butler 72.7 (4 INTs) last season though Jenkins graded much higher vs. the run.

    I don't see Jenkins upgrading Butler's performance of last season though we all know Butler played his best season as a Titan. Jenkins played in only 13 games last season but has, by far, the most experience among the CBs.

    Let's move to Kristian Fulton who, IMO, is a big unknown. He missed 10 games as a rookie. When he played, he received a grade of 57.5. No one questions his talents and he should be the starter at the slot at the start of camp but missing that much means he's basically still a rookie and we'll likely see inconsistent play from him this upcoming season.

    Caleb Farley is no doubt a top talent but he's far from a certainty. He's not played since '19 and has an injury history which is why the Titans were able to get him when they did. He'll be a total boom or bust, IMO, but I don't see him starting on the outside the start of this season. If he can't, it may mean Fulton will be moved out there.

    As far as depth goes, we have Breon Borders who does have some experience and might push to start at slot if Farley can't go and the Titans are forced to move Fulton outside. Or, Kevin Johnson could push to start at nickel though he's been nothing but a disappointment so far since the Texans took him at #16 in the '15 draft. Based on his history, he may not even make the roster.

    I think rookie Elijah Molden is the dark horse to start at nickel if he has a great camp. But, again, no experience.

    Mabin and Jackson are guys who might push to make the roster but they don't give me a lot of confidence if either end up being needed in '21. Jackson is entering his second season.

    Any way this shakes out, this unit is very inexperienced and will need time to gel. The talent is there but it's as uncertain a position group as the Titans have had in a long time, IMO.

    That's why, if I'm JRob, I'm looking for help here. Maybe that comes in the form of a CB being released next week but I wouldn't be surprised to see, if the Titans were more willing to make a trade if they can find a team willing to deal an experienced CB.
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  2. HurrayTitans!

    HurrayTitans! Useless trivia knowledge champion

    Improve the secondary by ensuring constant pass rush. Get Dupree, Autry, and Simmons some depth help.

    Julio Jones would bring excitement to a position already underutilized and ,in my eyes, down graded from last year. I don’t think bringing him in changes the run/pass ratio.
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  3. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    QBs nullify the pass rush with quick passes. That's what happened much of last season.
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  4. Hormesis

    Hormesis Pro Bowler

    I certainly wouldn't mind some more experience there. Honestly I'm not on the Julio wagon.
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  5. TitanMark

    TitanMark Starter


    The Titans problems on on defense and 3rd down particularly are not from quick passes. They were from QBs having to my name time to get a receiver open. Our secondary isn’t bad and is NOT the problem. The Titans were fine on downs 1 and 2. It was 3rd downs where they couldn’t get off the field. Lack of pass rush was the problem. No pressure. CBs can’t cover forever.

    Adding Julio Jones puts opposing teams in a bad spot. Saying it doesn’t help is silly. The Titans were 18 yards short of having 2 1000 yard WRs. I’m not sure but I don’t think any team in the NFL had 2 WRs go over 1000 in 2020.

    The defense has improved and could be good, but should be at least average. The offense needs one more weapon. Jones could be that guy.

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  6. Dman5TX

    Dman5TX Pro Bowler

    Trading for Julio is exciting no doubt about it. But I’ve said on here multiple times how little we throw the ball it doesn’t make sense to have 2 bonafide WR’s. We aren’t going to throw the ball 40 times a game. Our WR2 probably gets 5-7 targets a game. Not a lot of targets to go around.

    However, I’m not opposed to a Julio trade but I just think it’s unrealistic. We are tight on cap space and will need to sign AJ soon. Julio being under contract for 3 more years at a high cap number is going to be hard to maintain our core players. Especially considering the amount of money we already have invested on offense.

    Harold Landry, Jayon Brown and Rashaan Evans are FA’s after this season. AJ Brown is the season after that. Going to be hard to maintain all of those players if Julio was brought here.
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  7. Chronos

    Chronos Pro Bowler

    Well, we run 52% of the time and pass 48%. That’s pretty balanced. Not sure where the idea that the disparity is much greater is coming from.
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  8. Aqutis30

    Aqutis30 Do you mind - NOT being a Motaur?

    Agree with most here. I don't see how Julio makes us THAT much better. I'm going with Jeff on this.
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    LANGSTER Pro Bowler

    I think it does keep 8 out of the box against Henry and with Julio I do not think you can double team Brown. We need another weapon to the offense.

    With Julio, it makes reynolds an excellent wr 3.
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    LANGSTER Pro Bowler

    I would love to have Julio but I do not think it will ever happen due to money and his age and injury history.
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