If Running Game Falters or Defense Has Issues Can Jake Locker Lead The Team Effectively?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. Fry

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    I liked this topic more the first 30 times we talked about it.
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  2. steverife

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    Can Jake Locker take over a game and win? Yes.

    Will he do it consistently at this point in his career? No.
  3. Gut

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    I think you are asking a lot from Locker trying to decide if he can be a great passing QB at this point or not. A few things to consider...

    While Locker has been in the league for 2 years, he's still a baby when it comes to starts with only 12 starts (only 3/4 of 1 season). We'll really be able to see what he can do when he's in the 30's in starts.

    We will find out week in and week out what he's doing well and what he isn't. He didn't throw a ton in the last game but a lot of his incompletions he had pressure up the middle. I think Ensc made a great point worth watching...can Locker hit slants, posts and crossing patterns? I can think of one out he threw a bit behind the WR that it got broken up.

    While I'm certainly not annointing him the second coming of Warren Moon, these are some interesting stats to compare between Locker and Andrew Luck (who IS supposed to be the next Peyton Manning).

    Locker has only 12 NFL starts. Luck has 17.
    Locker has 400 attempts. Luck has 650.
    Luck has a TD % of 3.8% and an INT% of 2.8%. Locker has a TD% of 3.5% and an INT% of 2.8.
    Luck has a career y/a (yards per attempt) of 7.0. Locker's is 7.1.

    While this does NOT mean Locker is Andrew Luck, it's just meant to show a comparison between the too. Luck obviously is the bread and butter of the Colts offense and Locker is not. Luck has to throw the ball for TD's, Jake does not.

    Based on the Steelers footage, Locker will have his aopportunities to hit for big pass plays and TD's if the OL gives him time. I think a consistent and strong run game will really help him out as we can use a lot more play-action which means easier reads for the QB.

    Can Locker be the next whomever? Who cares. Let's get enough wins to get into the playoffs and be the team no one wants to play because we can ram the rock right down your throat!!! Oh, and win the Super Bowl in NY...my home town!!!:)

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  4. Deuce Wayne

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    The rest of the team has to carry Jake.

    Simple as that.
  5. The Playmaker

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    Unfortunately I agree. I'm still waiting to see more of our playbook, I think with the right coach Locker can be a really good weapon but haven't seen that just yet.
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  6. Dman

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    I agree and I think by the end of this season we will know as a team where we stand with the qb situation. I really hope he improves this year but its just a hope.
  7. titan_fan_4ever

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    On top of what you guys are saying (i.e. more consistent play and accuracy, maintaining his cool in the pocket, not staring and the rush and getting all jumpy, is he able to take over and win games when we need it, etc...), I need to see some other things as well.

    He needs to learn to control defenders with his eyes. You see elite QBs move defenders with their eyes (and a good pump fake sometimes), neither of which I see him do. These are some of the basics of passing, and he needs to start doing that.

    Also, I want to see more designated 'pump' plays. They work really well for a power team that runs a lot / short passes. To explain what I mean, this is when a QB hikes the ball, and pump fakes to the flat - if done right and done at a time when we have completed some short passes, you'll see all the LBs/DBs jump up at the WR/TE/RB in the flat and another WR/TE running deep (or even mid-deep across the middle) is usually open.

    Another EXTREMELY important thing is that he needs to learn when to stay in the pocket. I re-watched the PITT game, several times it looked like all both OLBs would play QB contain (not sure if that's possible, but it def looked that way), meaning that if he rolled out either to the right or left, the OLB would follow and rush. On those plays where he stayed in the pocket, he got two very nice and easy completions b/c the LBs were focused on him running and not passing.
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    Let us cross that bridge when/if we come to it. Worrying about a scenario like that only gives it energy to grow. Embrace today because that's all you got. Oh, and don't worry! be happy! :):cj::yay:
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    Peyton Manning threw more T'd in his first game than Locker will in 13 games.Thats how good Locker is. He isnt a NFL QB. neither is Gabbert.

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    Your biggest oversight is you think Locker has been playing QB for a long time. He went to college as a RB essecially. It wasnt til 2009 that he actually played in a NFL style system. Hes still very raw as a QB but shows the skills and potential to be something good.

    Ive been saying this since before we took the guy, but in another year Jake Locker will be a fine QB. Its the natural progression of a QB to really get it after 5-6 years.

    Most QBs his age come in with that experience, but he didnt play QB like that til much later in his football life.
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