If Running Game Falters or Defense Has Issues Can Jake Locker Lead The Team Effectively?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, Sep 14, 2013.

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    I do think we will see this scenario come to pass at some point.If we do have problems running the ball or the defense has issues that will mean Locker will have to lead the team through the air.The thing is he has the targets the only question is can he mount an effective game throwing the ball.He has Washington,Britt,Wright,Williams and Hunter not to mention Walker,Stevens and Thompson at tight end so he has no excuses there.The only thing i think that could be a concern is turnovers such as interceptions being thrown.I do think if he can show he can throw the ball well when we can't go to our running game we can find ways to win games.
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    This year is going to be a test for locker for the sake of leading a team and what I mean by that is that we are going to have to wait and see if he can make the right decisions with the ball. Can he be accurate with the ball as well. I have many questions myself about him and I know he can manage a game but when push comes to shove, the biggest concern is can he get the job done?

    I feel like he can get the job done, but at the same time I want to see him prove it as most people would want their qb to do. I don't believe he will ever be elite but I think he will be a great qb. He definitely needs to be more calm in the pocket because I feel like he always has a sense of urgency instead of staying calm and throwing accurate. Just my opinion, any thoughts?
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    God I hope so.
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    I love these threads....

    If the whole rest of the team sucks... can Jake miracously do everything by himself?

    "Locker drops back, hurls it down field into double coverage, but Locker goes up and splits the defenders, hurdles another and runs it in for a touchdown."
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    That's the million dollar question. At some point we're going to need Locker to take over a game. We're going to need to rely on our passing game in order to win. Even a top 10 defense (which I hope we have) is going to struggle at times against all the high powered offenses in the league right now.

    I believe Locker can do it. But to me the bigger question is can he do it on a consistent enough basis. Up to this point, he hasn't really shown that. But he did have very legitimate excuses for a disappointing 2012 season. And even though his performance against Pittsburgh was underwhelming, it was still just one game. One game against a historically tough defense coached by probably the best DC in the league.

    I think we're going to get a much better indication of where Locker is at in his progression this Sunday against the Texans. Flat out, he's going to have to make big plays for us to have a chance in this one. Otherwise I think it's going to take a near-perfect performance from our defense and run game for us to win. And I don't see that happening against a very good team at their house.
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    I honestly don't know the answer to that question. I think he'll reach that point, but I don't know if he's there yet. He's showed constant improvement through the preseason and honestly surprised me last week at Pittsburgh. Pitt always gives young QB's fits and he protected the ball and made some decent throws. He also looked better in the pocket as far as avoiding the sack.

    I disagree though that Locker can not be an elite QB. He has the arm strength, athleticism, and probably the intellect. It's more a matter of if things come together at the right time imo.
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  7. mike75

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    Didn't say anything about sucking but a legitimate discussion about how well Locker would be able to lead the way if we happen to struggle in other areas.

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    I get what mike is asking. Can Locker be Andrew Luck and make just enough plays to spring his team ahead...

    Yea I think he can keep the drive alive but he does need adequant blocking, thats the only thing. As long as he gets his 3-4 seconds, hes good.
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  9. Ensconatus

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    I think his route progressions are different tho. He likes to see his WR facing him. So anything of that sort would help.

    Basically we need the WRs to be aware and learn to sit down in the open zone. I never see locker hitting many crossing routes well.

    Also to minimize delay and difficulty reading his WRs we need to do variations of stack and trips with routes that all cross his face in a similar area. These work especially well if you have the two inside WRs doing 5-8 yard stems a second apart from each other. Creates an issue for zone because they either forced to cover the deeper guy and let the under guy get an easy reception or cut back on the under guy and hope a safety comes up on the deep guy.

    Essentially it gives locker (and young QBs) easy option reads. Get everything in a quick look area.
  10. mike75

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    Exactly,And like you pointed out as long as he has adequate protection i think he can.If he gets exposed and doesn't have good blocking he could get hurt like he did last year against Houston.However i don't see Locker having the problems he had last year against Houston because we have a much better line this year.