If not for the VY drama, would your opinion on Cam Newton be different?

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by GeronimoJackson, Mar 11, 2011.

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  1. 24

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    I completely agree. They are both two different people, with two different personalities. But, it still doesn't change Newton's accuracy problems, off the field issues, and lack of pro-style experience.
  2. Soxcat

    Soxcat Starter

    I keep seeing comments about how Moon is biased on his opinions of Newton but everyone is really missing the point. What matters is Cam has a QB coach and Moon helping him in his development. Isn't that one huge step better than VY?

    VY's problem was no one could tell him nothing. That is what resulted in VY's down fall. Funny how things have changed on this board. During the season there were those pointing out how much VY had improved as a passer and he did have a 96 QB rating. And although I wanted the guy out of here, especially after the meltdown with Fisher, I could see the game slowing down for VY. If VY had taken his job more seriously and been a professional (who was willing to be taught and willing to put in the hard work) can we really not say he could have been a pretty decent QB? I believe he could have been and might still become one.

    Newton doesn't have VY's attitude and I'd bet he is a few IQ points smarter. He is mentally far more stable and comes from a football family with a former NFL player as a dad and also has a brother in the NFL. He isn't living in la la land where he thinks if he just shows up he will be successful.

    Newton also comes in with better footwork and delivery than VY. He still needs to work on taking snaps from center and having a quick drop back but he is already working on that. His pro day wasn't spectacular but it certainly wasn't bad and he took every snap from center.
  3. chamgel2

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    This is why people keep comparing him to VY, from draftinsiders.net, ran by Tony Pauline of SI.com...

    "The reviews from the Cam Newton pro-day workout are mixed. One thing we hear is several insiders are concerned that Newton may not be able to handle the criticism that will eventually come his way early in his NFL career. Most feel it would be in Newton’s best interest to play in a city that does not have a media with an attack dog mentality."

  4. steverife

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    VY only didn't work hard when the media was down on him. When things were going well and the media was only able to write about his play, he was putting in the extra work and learning.

    We really don't know what he was like on a day to day basis. We don't know anything about Cam Newton, either. Only time will tell....

    I think Newton would be fun to watch, but I hope for his sake, that the Titans don't take him...
  5. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne Crap the booze out.


    Uhh... because they have the SAME weaknesses and faults?

    And Cam Newton is nothing like McNair... maybe that's why there's no comparison?
  6. Soxcat

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    So what is the basis of their concern? Nobody really knows how these QB will handle criticism because for the most part they haven't had much. We do know Newton played through the media turmoil over his play for pay, he spent a year at JUCO because of his issues at Florida and he has been criticized pretty heavily about his pro prospects. He didn't perform well at the combine as far as the passing drills but showed improvement at his pro day. He is working on his game already and he hasn't even been drafted.

    Bottom line any QB can buckle under pressure when you are an early 1st round pick and the media is dogging you. So how this is an issue with Newton and not with any of the other top QBs. If Gabbert plays like David Carr he might be looking for a gun himself for all we know.
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