If he won't play, VY ready to go elsewhere

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by NewsGrabber, Jun 1, 2009.

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  1. nbtoppers2

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    "git-r-done" is a product of a persona known as "larry the cable guy". in a real interview he doesn't talk that way. VY, however, talks that way in EVERY interview. i agree with amy that "student athletes" is a joke in certain scenarios. who knows how Young completed his work.
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    Care of Honoring Earl 34 at TT
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    Quite a large number, actually. People typically follow the speech patterns of those that teach them to speak as children. I can increase and decrease how "good" my English is based on the circumstances. My parents and grandparents were all from rural parts of the state. They butchered English pretty much the same way Vince does. I learned it all too. But, by the time I finished graduate school I was "able" to eliminate almost all of my bad speaking habits and had a very expansive vocabulary. Even so, in the years since, I've learned that to "get along" with the people I'm around I have to strip out alot of words I know and incorporate the local vernacular or my "friends" think I'm trying to show them up. Perhaps because I'm from Texas too, I recognize that Vince is using pronouns and double negatives in the same way that many other native Texans do --both those who speak Ebonics and those from more rural parts of the state. It's very common here. I talk like that sometimes, not because I don't know any better, but because it makes me fit in. But, my guess is most here don't really want Vince to work to improve his speaking abilities - at least so long as he's a Titan, because we "all know" Vince's one and only obligation is to focus on learning football NFL style 24/7 :):):)
  4. MaxPayne

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  5. MaxPayne

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    Alex...you have any thoughts ....

  6. Alex1939

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    That I agree and I either mentioned it in this thread or the other VY thread out there.

    Also sorry to give you :grrr::grrr::grrr::grrr: but you have to admit that first sentence was pretty hard to decipher.


    what has he done since then? what has he proved once other teams figured out how to contain him? granted it was cool that we had the rookie of the year. but since teams figured him out he has gone down hill.
    stats from each of his three years...

    2006 qb rating-66.7 comp %-51.5 yards-2199 td-12 int-13
    2007 qb rating-71.1 comp%-62.3 yards-2546 td-9 INT-17
    2008 qb rating-64.5 comp%-61.1 yards -219 td-1 int-2

    yes you would be correct, if all he knew how to do was throw int he would have no other stats, but i thought you would be able to pick up the fact that every year he has thrown more ints then touchdowns. i didnt know that you were going to take the words in the most literal sense possible.
    when you look at the stats above...tell me, did he ever throw more tds then int? no. in 2007 he threw basically double the int to tds.

    i dont think he ever said that he is entitled. however...the way he is acting with this if them not ready to play me someone else is crap...would give you a sense that he feels entitled. do me a favor...goole the following phrase. vince young feels entitled. let me know what you get. here is a hint...a lot of links with other people feeling the current way he is acting shows off that feeling.

    again with the most literal sense of a phrase. honestly alex...do you have that much time on your hands? listen, i am just going on what i read and see from people reporting. you see people like leinart working hard in the offseason, working with tom brady, busting his arse to get his job back. not wanting to be a bust. you dont hear him saying that i should be the starter. he knows he has to earn it back. so...when vince is talking all this it shows that he isnt just shutting up like he said he was going to do and just work. i havent heard one thing on how he did in camp.. except for the basic fisherspeak..vince did good. that gives you nothing...actions speak louder then words...except when no actions are being done.

    i didnt always hate VY. not until he acted like a litte child and didnt want to play because "his" fans booed him. ever since that...T.O has been less of a diva then VY
  8. TBC_titan

    TBC_titan Camp Fodder

    Same here. I have but a very, very slight southern accent. I just don't like heavy accents (from any part of the country). The heavier it is, the more it makes the person sound uneducated ('sound'...doesn't mean they aren't).

    I guess my friends are just like me in that sense so I really don't have to dumb my vocab down, nor would I anyway.
    Anyone who thinks I'm trying to 'show them up' usually gets a response of 'www.dictionary.com' or of me handing them a dictionary.
    I do not make excuses (in any form) for the effort I've put into speaking properly. It doesn't require a rocket scientist's intelligence to log onto dictionary.com or to open up a dictionary and look words up.

    While I pick on my family members for their uber twangy accent, I do not condescend them, nor do I think I'm better than them.

    AFAIC, if you're going to bash VY for his speech, might as well bash CJ for his as well. Fair is fair.
  9. GoTitans3801

    GoTitans3801 Forward Progress!

    Man, talk about the worst support for your argument ever! "Just google it, people agree with me!" Heck, google glenn reynolds puppy blender and you find 5,000 pages about a nationally recognized constitutional law professor gaining his strength from blended puppy smoothies. That doesn't make it true!

    I don't want to get into the actual argument here, but NEVER support anything by telling someone to google it!
  10. GMITTS


    yeah well...its already in there...granted it may not be the best way to get the point across, it does show other people do feel that he is entitled. and i am also sure that others on this board feel the same way.
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