If Cordarrelle Patterson is there at 10...

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    Other than the 49ers most team offensive lineman and filled in the later rounds. Especially guard this draft is deep at the position. I'm not pro WR in the first wish we didn't take Kendall last year, but I wouldn't be upset if we went another direction at 10 wither it be dt, de, cb, or whatever they pick.
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    Bryant McKinnie 7th overall
    Kelechi Osemele Round 2 28th pick
    Matt Birk Round 6 and 187th overall
    Marshal Yanda Round 3 and 86th overall
    Michael Oher 23rd overall

    Sebastian Vollmer Round 2 and 58th overall
    Dan Connolly Undrafted
    Ryan Wendell Undrafted
    Donald Thomas 6th round 195th overall
    Nate Solder 17th overall

    You can look at the other playoff teams but the trend will continue. Those two teams combined have 3 first round offensive lineman starting all 3 people an offensive tackle. The rest were drafted in the second round and back and yet these two teams made it to the playoffs and the superbowl.

    Theirs still...
    Dallas Thomas
    Barrett Jones
    Larry Warford
    Brian Schwenke
    Alvin Bailey
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    Nice choice! Mila and Hayden...I see you have taste.:D
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    What's the point in going WR in the 1st if you have no defense to get the offense on the field and OOOOHHHH when we do get on the field it's a 3 and out because our OL is garbage because Locker is on his back more than a Kardashian and Chris Johnson is getting hit in the backfield like...idk...but you get it.
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    O-Line is just not a sexy pick this high but sometimes you have to do it. I expect it to happen so I'm not really reading into too many other options. Our O-Line was terrible, for CJ to say he's going to break the record the FO must've told him some brilliant plan! *wishes*
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    If both Cooper and Warmack are there at 10 I would be fine trading down a couple picks and adding whatever additional pick.
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    Agreed. IMO this is optimal. Ensures we get our elite guard and a 2nd or 3rd to address our other issues, receiver among them.
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    The point is you take the best player available and who the FO thinks that is will be up to them and their scouting none of our opinions. Do I want Patterson, no but if the FO selects him they obviously thought he was a top 10 player and took the highest guy left after 9 picks. I want Warmack too but I could see the FO go and do a 180 with this pick. You just have to hope it works out. If he turns into Calvin Johnson 2.0 3 years down the line you won't be mad either especially with Johnny Football tossing him the ball. :)
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    Let's be real though. I like Kendall as much as the next guy but he was clearly the wrong pick for our team last year. Our FO clearly believed he was the best player available and selected him over many guys who could have helped our O-line, DeCastro among them. Knowing what you know now, don't you think our team would have been better off if we had addressed our need on the line? At the very least an OL would have provided some relief from all the imjuries our starters suffered.

    I'd go as far as to say that had we addressed our need last season at pick 20 we wouldn't have to address our line this year at pick 10 and we would be free to select a potential weapon like Patterson. Wouldn't it make sense to pass on Patterson this year and be free to select a more complete WR prospect next draft? Next year we can take a guy like Sammy Watkins or Marquise Lee. This time next year Lee will easily be a better and more proven prospect than Patterson is now. We do the things we must so we can do the things we like.
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    i bet the 49ers would give up one on their later seconds for britt...potential number 1/2 receiver to pair opposite of crabtree? and give kap more targets...