If CJ is there at 4...

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by nouveaux, Mar 24, 2007.

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  1. nouveaux

    nouveaux Starter

    Would you want them to give up our 1 this year, 1 next year and either a 3 or 4 this year to get him? Looking at the chart, I believe this works (depending of course on where we would end up drafting next year).
  2. Architect

    Architect Pain Train

    Honestly, Technically that would mean that we would only be giving up our 3rd round pick this year and first next year for something that we so deperately need
  3. RyansTitans

    RyansTitans Guest

    Thats alot of picks but we need him btw this was sent on my PS3 woooooooot lol:banana:
  4. Bobo

    Bobo Guest

    When it looked like we may have a top 5 pick and a good chance to get him, I was all for it. But now, I can't see giving up a whole lot to move up for him.

    I might do a trade up for Anderson or Carriker, if the price wasn't too high. We still have some other holes to fill.
  5. RyansTitans

    RyansTitans Guest

    would you rather of had the season we had or rather of had us lose a few more games and have a good draft pick
  6. Bobo

    Bobo Guest

    I like the season we had.
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