Ian Rapoport: Titans expect Locker to start Sunday

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by titanbuoy, Oct 19, 2013.

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    I think its a good opportunity for jake coming back this week. Its obviously that our team needs to make something happen and a big win at home headed into the bye would lift everyone's spirits in practice. But more than that, I think is Jake can come back this week and have a big game against the Niners, that would go a long way to silence the critics that have been mounting up against Jake for a good while now.
    Yeah there is always a risk in football, but this week has the potential to be a huge win for many reasons, both for the team and for individual players.
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  2. Deuce Wayne

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    He's tough because he got CARTED off the field for an injury that LOOKED career ending.... then we find out it was a sprained knee? Uhhh...

    ... and he returns in 3 wks rather than 4... while still limping. And we're supposed to say he's TOUGHER for this?


    Dude is dramatic when it comes to injuries. He's probably rushing back to seem tough- yet the moment he screws up, he'll start hobbling. Ol McNair style.
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    Sprained hip and knee

    Well, yea. I dont think he is iron man and I actually dont think he will come out and be some savior, I think he will struggle anyways. However going out and playing in the NFL when you are not 100 percent, you have to have a little toughness in you.

    Its ok

    I think hes probably rushing back because he realizes this team needs him, more than just to seem tough. Locker is the leader of this team because there is no one else who can do it. The team will fight their ass off for Locker tomorrow if he plays. We need to figure out if this guy is the guy or not, this is a good time to find out what hes made of mentally. Hes been cleared for contact.We cant keep guessing with him, we need to know if he is going to be our QB, or if he isnt He needs to be on the field if he can walk. I dont want to go into next season without knowing if Jake can be consistent for a stretch of games (like the rest of the year).
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    People are acting like Locker's arms are injured.

    I expect him to drop dimes.
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    Just shut up.
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    regardless of what happens I find this move risky to rush him back 3 weeks after injury especially with the colts playing the broncos and we have a bye next week. I am no doctor and I don't know how severe his hip and knee sprain were but I am basing my analysis on our schedule and where we are in the division. That being said, I hope Jake opens our offense up and plays well.
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    This right here is all the post needed to say as the people who ARE doctors and sis know how severe his knee and hip are have cleared him to take hits and play today.
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    Look man, I'm overly cautious by nature too but I think everyone needs to relax. Like I and many others have been saying for a while, we don't know the full extent of the injury he suffered. All we know is what we saw and that he was given a 4-8 prognosis. That's it. For all we know the injury he actually sustained is a 1-2 week injury. If we knew that this was a hip dislocation and he was coming back in 3 weeks I would be freaking out about him being rushed back but we don't know that.The term rushed back doesn't apply because none of us know how long the recovery should take.

    I hate the fact that Jake was limping in practice this week but everyone said he made tremendous strides. I know as fans we like to think that we know everything but honestly we know very little about what truly happens behind the scenes of our organization. Trust the staff, trust Locker, and hope for the best. Go Titans!
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    Suprise everyone Locker didnt get hurt!
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    He looked mobile and on target. Even throwing his first pick I thought he looked good. Glad he's back!