"I thought he [Harper] played solid...a good ball game"

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by titansfan89, Dec 7, 2009.

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    You can feel free to say FIRE FISHER!

    Let me explain with very simple logic. Hood was signed for base salary ( i am assuming here because i dont know the numbers). If the titans wanna retain him for the next four years they can offer him a bottom line contract right now and he will probably sign it.. (or they could have offered it 3 or 4 weeks ago and he would have signed. ) Hood was on the streets just a couple of months ago wondering what the hell his future was going to be, probably hundreds of thousands less in his pocket than he had originally planned for in his career at the point.

    If the titans snatched him off the street put him on their squad and then offered him a four year extension as that same sunday he had his 3rd INT and TD, he would have signed for peanuts.

    Now his bargaining position has actually increased since those four weeks. His agent is probably astute enough to listen to radio and read these forums to see exactly what most think of Harper. His agent at the very least is reading those dumb fisher pressers where he is blowing smoke up Harpers arse and his agent is laughing.

    With each passing week, Hoods bargaining position with the titans is growing not decreasing.:irked:

    And btw, most people assume the league is blind.. NO way people. Scouts all over the league have already keyed in on him and i assure you there are a couple of teams skulking around our locker room probably winking at him and trying to pull one of those dirty deals Bud always blames for losing his star players like Fat AL and Kearse.
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    you got me wrong. i see your point - im not saying thats what he should do.... im just sayin it can be the only rational support to why fisher does not want to play him; i cant see any other reason.

    but do you honestly think....

    1 - that after he had that stretch of solid play; he'd sign an extension for a vet min??
    a - for FOUR YEARS?!
    2 - that if he had a 5 int season, in limited play, which is only two more if your keeping count, he won't be really coveted around this league (where you can never have too many cbs)??!!
    3 - that fat al and kearse are in a whole different league...horrible comparison. your talking about a 'scrub from the streets' vs an all pro/probowler when they left

    (you might say something like Carr and maybe i'd understand) - thing is with carr he was NOT expensive to resign (he wanted that nickelback position); so it might be out of our damn hands before we play him and pay him now anyway. :rolleyes:

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    I think Jeff, Kerry, and Nick should all go watch this together.


    The picture makes the point more than the movies plot, but they're all 'heeeey' together.
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    Fisher just called me and asked for me to clear something up for you.

    Every player on the football field is for run support or run blocking, or running with the football. This includes the kicker too. Pass rush specialists must always support the run first.
  5. World Peace

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    Believe it or not, I believe he does. It's smart business. Why wouldn't you want to know what your consumers are saying about your product? I'm 99% of it goes in one ear and out the other, but I don't think its far fetched.
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    Thats not what i meant. What i was trying to say is that there are several scouts out there that turned their eyes towards a suprisingly resurgent titans defense and believe me you they spotted a new face in Rod Hood. My point is that i bet ya, there is some one attempting to call Hood under the table and offering him a deal so as to sign with them. A good CB is hard to find in the league. Even a good number two CB. In this cut throat business a sharp GM would have signed Hood long time ago. But being that agile has never been the titans strong suit, that and we are hamstring with a boneheaded coach that seemingly wants to retain the walking human pile crap that is harper!

    Ps..You guys notice that our turn overs have declined drastically in the last 3 weeks with harper on the field? We havent even had one. I still say that is all harpers fault. Because every QB now knows, when in trouble, just throw to harper's side.. No chance of INT happening there at all. (If you check out game tape of the cardinals game, Harper gets burned by leinart and boldin on the same exact play 3 or 4 times with Leinart throwing across the field on a come back every single time and not one of those times could harper even think of jumping the route and intercepting the ball. (see hoods 3rd INT, it was a play like this)
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