I see threads about firing coordinators, but what about personel?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by MrBean, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. TitansWillWin2

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    And Cook. And CJ. And maybe Britt being that we could get him for cheap.
  2. GoT

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    MH is done, put a fork in him and que the fat lady
  3. Riverman

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    WTF? Are you suggesting that Harbaugh's year was luck and not skill? If so, his luck is running 100% with 2 consecutive strong seasons.
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  4. xpmar9x

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    Yeah I'd keep Cook & Stevens as well.. both are solid. Cook is on a contract year, he'll likely want paid though.

    You have to keep Locker, #8 pick in the draft, shows potential.. way to early to give up on him. 781 yards, 4 TDs, 2 INTs, 67 R. Yards, 63 C%, 90 QB Rating through 2 3/4 games w/ ZERO run game and a terrible play caller is solid in my book. I still believe Locker is our franchise QB.

    McCarthy will be a star if he stays healthy. He's one of few players who plays with heart on that defense. Seems to be a good leader and gives 120% 100% of the time. Love it. He can tackle and is a solid coverage LB. Don't give up on him yet.
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  5. TitansWillWin2

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    Yeah he tackled real well yesterday!
  6. GoT

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    what has Cook done too think he should be payed?
  7. nickmsmith

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    He's #9 in the league in receiving yards for a TE. #14 in receptions. Good news is, Stevens isn't far behind, either. The only solid group at any position that we have. They, and Nate washington are about the only reasons I continue to go watch the games. (I'll be at the Stoolers game thursday, BTW) Hopefully can make it for a bit of the tailgate.
  8. GoT

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    no doubt Cook has improved, but hes nowhere near NFL elite at the TE position

    He should be offered an NFL average contract cause thats what he has earned
  9. HeadOnASwivel

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    This is the fault of the front office and coaching staff, period.

    It was the front offices fault not to sign a center, after bringing in what four in free agency for a look. They also chose not to draft one. They evaluated that the current centers on our roster were better and it was not worth shelling out any money... even though we have a ton of cap space.

    Our O-line was built as a man on man, power running scheme. So Chris Palmer comes in and puts in a zone scheme which does not fit our O-lines strengths? That is fine, but without out replacing the line through free agency or the draft to more suit the zone scheme, is just unforgivable and down right stupid.

    I'm calling our defense the "statue defense" due to the fact that all or our players are just rooted in place. They break the huddle, line up, and look like statues. There is no fake blitzing from our LB's or secondary, they aren't running up to the line to cause some confusion, nothing. Our line never moves around, no Wimbley going against a RT from time to time, nothing. We just stay in a Tampa 2 looking zone, with zero pass rush... which defeats the purpose altogether! Corners play 5-10 yards off every time, no bumping to try to throw off route timing, nothing at all.

    Kendall Wright was a luxury pick, as much as I like him, but we should have passed on him. The notion of taking the BPA at all times is so wrong headed I can't even begin to illustrate it. Especially for a team who is notorious for not paying top money for elite free agents. If you are a team like the Giants, New England, Green Bay, sure take BPA because they are without very many holes. But a team like the Titans MUST address their biggest need areas and we really didn't do that this draft.

    It was Munch and the F.O. who chose to hire Palmer (a cast off from the CFL) and Gray (just clueless). If the players suck, and some do then they shouldn't be on the team in the first place and that is poor evaluation plain and simple which, again, falls on the F.O.

    This team needs new coaching talent, innovative guys who understand how to call plays in the new NFL. We need to switch to a 3-4 defense, because you can actually achieve QB pressure with lesser players because you put the onus on the offensive line to be perfect on every play. It's pretty difficult to diagnose the many blitz's that the 3-4 employs, eventually you get scheme sacks. Offensively we have got to open things up, and go to the no huddle. Jake can do it, and for some reason, looks better when we run no huddle/hurry up. When you run no huddle it limits substitutions from the defense, which is a huge plus.

    I think change must start from the top, and until Bud sells or dies, this team will stay the course and the status-quo will continue.
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    Okay so lets see if we really do have enough good players to compete in this league.

    DE - Kam Wimbley...B+
    DT - SenDerrick Marks... D
    DT - Jurrell Casey ...B+
    DE - Derrick Morgan...B
    LB - Akeem Ayers... B
    LB - Colin McCarthy ... B+
    LB - Will Witherspoon...B-
    CB - Altteraun Verner ...B
    CB - Jason McCourty ...B
    SS - Jordan Babinaux ... C
    FS - Michael Griffin ...C
    K - Rob Bironas ... A-
    P - Brett Kern ...A+
    KR - Darius Reynaud ... B+
    QB - Jake Locker ... B-
    RB - Chris Johnson ...C+
    FB - Quinn Johnson/Craig Stevens... C+
    WR - Nate Washington ... B
    WR - Kendall Wright ...B
    TE - Jared Cook ...B
    LT - Michael Roos ...B
    LG - Steve Hutchinson ...B
    C - Fernando Velasco ...C+
    RG - LeRoy Harris ...C-
    RT - Dave Stewart ....B

    Yea so maybe it is the players, we don't have anyone I'd say is playing great football.
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