I remember an Opener...(observations)

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Ten_Titans, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. Jwill1919

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    On another note, it's always a difficult day for QBs against the Steelers D, butJake didn't have any turnovers and Walker is gonna be absolutely huge for him.
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    I think expectations were a little high this week (including from me). I thought the Steelers defense wasn't going to be as good as last year but clearly from the get go they were still playing tough and being on the road didn't make it any better. For me, unless you have an elite QB with higher expectations I'm totally happy with a QB that didn't make many mistakes, didn't turn over the ball, and made some plays when we needed them most. No, he didn't go all Peyton Manning on them but I liked what I saw. It's the first week, the fact that we went into Pittsburgh and shut them down makes me excited for the rest of the season and Locker can definitely build off this.
  3. The Playmaker

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    I know it's 1 game but Walker might be the MVP for Jake. He's a good run blocker and even with Walker out most of camp it looks like him and Jake are developing some nice chemistry.
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    That's another thing.... it's week 1. There is no tape out there for this weeks gameplanning. Pre-season is just vanilla, so it's even harder to guess at what the defense is going to do.
  5. Ten_Titans

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    When we went option with our second play I was pretty hyped.

    And did anyone else find it funny how the commentator absolutely refused to call it an option.

    "And Locker runs with... CJ kind of behind him... Possibly to maybe pitch..."
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    Jackie Battle plays like a blue collar miner with his lunch pale going to do hard labor for his poverty wage paycheck. Dude is hungry and a beast.
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    Well didn't realize you were trying to keep it even. Yeah, I mean I'm not praising our passing game but once we get that run game going against someone other than the Steelers then our playbook will open up a bit more and those throws will get easier for Locker.
  8. The Playmaker

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    Same, I hope we run that play a few more times this season.
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    That's a tough run defense. CJ has never really gone off against them, not even during his prime years. I'll take 70 yards from him at their house. Also, Battle finished with 2.6 ypc while CJ had 2.8. So I'm not sure why Battle is on the winner list while CJ is on the loser list. Sure he had the TD and it was nice watching him grinding out the tough yards. But he wasn't really all that impressive.

    I was one of CJ's biggest "haters" last year. But I don't think he really deserves any criticism today. I think for the most part he took what was there.
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    Really liked the way Battle ran. Didn't show a lot of patience or vision, but he didn't mind making his own holes in the defense. The play where he lowered his shoulder twice and ran over two defenders reminded me of Eddie.

    I hope China Doll gets fined for hitting Locker in the face.