"I just kind of tweaked my hamstring a little bit" - VY

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by titansfan89, Dec 13, 2009.

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  1. TitansJonne

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    The offense changed like when CJ left the Playoff game. I knew it wasn't as bad as it looked. When he got hurt, the half was almost over, so why bring him out? And then he was able to walk on his own. He will play next week, He can still move and throw. It's just being sure he can scramble if need be. I actually think even if Vince isn't 100% he still gives us a better shot than collins. Did anyone see kerry try to escape the blitz? like molasses sliding off a plate

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    I believe Kerry had time during the week to work with the first offense. That's more preparation than Vince got weeks 1-6 when he was thrown in towards the end of a few games. Plus Kerry hasn't been sitting that long, just over a month now. I saw him come in and thought he better show his 08 form or else; road trip to Kerry's house! Anybody know where I can find him? I guess it doesn't matter, he didn't dethrone Vince or play well enough to stir the pot. Nice job keeping us going Kerry.
  3. SawdustMan

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    I definitely don't think these next three games are going to be as easy as some Titan fans seem to think, but aren't you selling the team a bit short here? What makes you think we can't beat all three of those teams?

    The Dolphins are a somewhat fickle team. They can show up on any given day and hang with the best teams in the league. But they've also been beaten by the likes of Buffalo. I think this one will be a very good game but gotta think we have just as much of a chance of coming away with the W as they do.

    San Diego is definitely going to be tough. They are playing some great football right now. But if we can keep the mistakes to a minimum I like our chances. Plus I have to think that being at home on (a likely very cold) Christmas night plays in our favor.

    Seattle typically plays very well at home and we all know our record when going out West. But I truly believe we are the much better team in this one. And I think we are going to want this game more than them (assuming we don't drop another game between now and then).
  4. Coov

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    If we can not beat good teams we do not deserve to make it to the playoffs. Either way, at least we have something to be proud of thus far considering where we came from.
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    Kerry definitely got a lot of reps last week, no excuses. Vince didn't practice much. Just face it, Kerry's a pocket passer that's not that good. Vince seems to be marginally better than him with his arm this year and he has the dynamic of being able to keep plays alive. If I see Kerry on the other side, I'm relieved. I pull for Kerry to make some plays if it comes down to him, but right now I'd like a shot at the postseason. And Vince makes that happen. We're very dangerous and even Vince at 80% trumps what Kerry offers right now.
  6. stump1000

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    There was no point in playing hurt. The Rams suck and we had a good lead. Vince did finish the run, he's not going to take a hit when he doesnt have to. There were to defensive guys right there as he was going out of bounds.

    I really don't understand how we are all Titans fans yet there's so much arguing and hate going on all the time.
  7. kdizzle

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    I know it sounds crazy but its true. Everytime he is in the running game gets better. How many negative runs did CJ have after Vince left?
  8. Loqitar10

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    The 14 point lead which was about to build to 17 or 21, turned out to be 17 when Kerry came off the bench,meant the D was then going to pin its ears back and make the baby QB's life miserable. Which they proceeded to do throughout the second half. Only a AZ type 7 turnover meltdown by us was going to cost us that game at that point.
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