I definitely don't miss Fisher now

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Gunny, Apr 27, 2012.


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    Keep in mind we hired a secondary coach who is suppose to be a great teacher. Might even be able to teach Mouton how to cover someone.
  2. TitansWrath

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    Henry was a 2nd rounder. Cook was what, a third and another pick to trade up?

    This was a fifth and a seventh. If he pans out, he could be a HOF player. He has that level of talent. If he doesn't.. .oh well.

    He's a walking lottery ticket. We put up two bucks for a shot at winning $100 mil. And the odds are better than the lottery.
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  3. Stan

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    I think that trade for Cook is starting to pay off, this year should be pretty huge for him.
  4. RollTide

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    Cook was not a trade up. We got a 3rd rd pick that belonged to another team(patriots) by agreeing to give a higher pick(2nd rd) the next year.

    There seems to be a lot of confusion about that trade and some people still think we used 2 picks to get him. It is looking like a great pick.
  5. RollTide

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    Another blow for those who think the Wright pick represents a philosophical transformation. We now know that Britt will probably need another minor surgery which indicates he may not be much help to us most of next year.

    So with Britt a question mark and Washington a free agent after this season it made perfect sense to go after a WR they liked.
  6. NewHorizans

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    Does anyone know when Britt's Rookie contract is over? If he isnt himself this year either. I believe that puts him in a contract year for 2013. He might be a Restricted FA next season. If that is the situation, do the Titans let him go elsewhere should the offer come out or do we Tag him or resign him to new contract?

    It would be hard to justify a new contract without him playing a full season without injury during his entire rookie contract (besides rookie yr) but that doesnt count since he wasnt in starting lineup.

    Bottom line, if Britt is a bust yet again this season. It will be hard for the Titans to justify resigning him. My guess is no one will give him an offer either, and we keep him for his last season for him to play his rear off for new contract.

    All of this makes the Wright pick make more and more sense.
  7. RollTide

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    Dude internet? His contract runs through 2013. You can check on any player's contract by the following search------name contract roto.

    I agree with your post though. He was a durable player at Rutgers but not with us. Despite having elite talent this is a player who very likely will finish his contract with us without having produced one thousand yard season. With Washington's contract up after this year we needed to add another player at that position.
  8. Soxcat

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    I disagree. First of all saying you could get a guy a round or two later is pure speculation. Sensabaugh has size, speed, smarts and is fluid. They really liked him. It isn't like they took him in the top three rounds. And CB was actually more a position of need than DE. They wanted a guy they felt could contribute in the nickel right away and potentially become a starter.

    Basically the draft strategy was pretty sound. They projected where the value would be in each round and they were right. The value for a playmaker was the 1st, a Will was the 2nd and for DT the 3rd. If you look at the CBs selected after CS in the draft in the 4th round you really don't find anyone with his overall attributes. So if they failed to take him there and miss out on him you don't get the CB you want. Boykin was taken later in the 4th as well as Brooks. Both those guys are smaller and although I liked Boykin he might be too small to ever play on the outside. So I think they got the right guy in the right spot.

    Hard to argue with how they played the draft. We won't know but they think they got starters in the first three rounds and a nickel CB/potential starter on the outside down the road with the 4th. I think all their picks were sound picks. Also, the last position I'd question the Titans on right now is CB. They do seem to know what they are doing when they draft those guys.
  9. Gunny

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    How is that a blow? It's a perfect example of change. Fisher never drafted for the future, he also waited until it was a huge need. He was the guy who had guys like Bennett, Gage, Wade, J-Mac, B Jones as his WRs for 3 years and never thought to draft one an impact WR in the draft. Dyson, Calico and Britt were all picked when we desperately needed a WR.

    Keith Bulluck might have been the only player who we drafted who wasn't a clear need.
  10. mike75

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    I was curious about something.I think it was last year where we offered Justin Gage a chance to come back and then we ended up getting Donnie Avery instead.Since Gage turned us down was he ever picked up by another team? Not wanting him back here by no means but i was wondering if he ever caught on anywhere else.
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