I Bet Norv Turner And Lovie Smith Would've Been The Best Duo

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by GrandMajesty1, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. GrandMajesty1

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    It would've been nice to see Bud hire Norv Turner to head up our "head coaching duties" with Lovie Smith hired as our defensive coordinator. What Turner did with Rivers and San Diego for all those years, could've been done for Jake Locker and this offense. Lovie Smith still doesn't have a job, (unless I'm wrong here and he does) and would've been a better defensive coordinator hire outside of bringing back Gregg Williams.

    Mike Munchak just doesn't have that toughness mentality, and Bruce Matthews as much as I love you bro, is really not doing a good, let alone solid job, coaching the line. Two Hall Of Famers who were two of the best in the business, and you would think that this offensive line would be rushing running backs close to 2000 yds per year combined and give up under 15 sacks per season.

    I think Norv Turner will do a great job coordinating the offense for Cleveland this year, and truly expand Weeden's game to a whole new level....but what do I know.....

    (((((NOTHING))))) """""""""""" """""""""""
  2. GoT

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    worst thread ever
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    JCBRAVE Enjoy it while it lasts Tip Jar Donor

    I proposed we go after both these guys last offseason but, never happened
  4. GoT

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    Norv Turner sucks!

    LS as some surprise upgrade over JG is no high bar too get over. Anyone who can spell D would be an upgrade over JG
  5. JR1980

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    Norv Turner is HORRIFYING!!!! Lovie, okay...Maybe. I can't believe people actually believe in Turner. That guy drove a playoff team in San Diego into the ground! He destroys everything he touches. If I recall correctly, the Chargers were a 13-3 team when Schottenheimer was canned....Thanks, but no thanks.
  6. Ensconatus

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    Ahahaha **** me, one preseason game in....
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  7. TitanWilly

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    Interesting post. Seems some fans are really on you regarding your personal coaching opinions. Norv Turner did some very good things in San Diego with the team in Phillip Rivers after Marty left following the 14-2 season of 2006. Lovie Smith got the ax way too quick in Chicago after last years 10-6 season, even after starting 8-1. I do agree that Munchak is def a better position coach than head coach. Jerry Grey is horrible and is doing the same job Chuck Cecil did after Schwartz.

    It's hard being a fan sometimes with an opinion. Especially a fan of this franchise. I won't blast you for posting this fairy tale marriage, but would take Lovie Smith as the HC and Turner as the OC if that was a possible reality mandated by old man Adams. This really is a make or break season for both Munchak, Grey and possible Locker as a Titan, but even after three years in the NFL, hard to say he will be a true bust. Almost like Mark Sanchez.
  8. xpmar9x

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    Lovie Smith refused to sign as a defensive coordinator, he wants a head coaching job. He's taking time away & waiting for the right job to open up.

    Norv Turner isn't a head coach, he is a great offensive coordinator. We already were invested in Loggains. I wish we would of signed Norv as well for OC & kept Dowell as QB Coach. Oh well.
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  9. Moon1

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    Norv Turner is a horrible HC but he has a great track record as an OC. Saying you don't want him because he didn't succeed as the Chargers HC means you don't know very much about Norv.
  10. Finnebosch

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    If we do fire Munchek after this season Lovie Smith is on the short list of people I would love to bring in next season as our HC. If we clean house I would love to go with:

    Head Coach: Lovie Smith
    OC: Hue Jackson -- Jackson made Oakland into a decent offense and has always been good with QB's
    DC: Ron Rivera -- If the Panthers fire him I'd love to reunite him with Smith and give us a defense like da Bears had during they're SB run

    But it is really to early to talk about our next head coach as the regular season hasn't even started.
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