I Am Legend

Discussion in 'Movies/TV' started by Big TT, Dec 15, 2007.

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  1. LT21Titans27

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    The ending dissapointed me, I wish it didnt go down like that, is that how it happened in the book?
  2. So, if they are satanists, then wouldn't they think doing evil is good (from their perspective)? Again, it's warped logic, but logic never the less.

    You have people who raped or murdered to get attention. They probably know what they are doing is wrong, but becoming famous is good. So they see it as a means to an end that is good (for them, anyway). People do all sorts of bad stuff that would be a means to an end that would be good for them (i.e. robbing a bank to get rich).
  3. Childress79

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    The entire movie bears little relation to the book. Take the time to read it,you won't be disappointed,it's only about 160 pages.
  4. Hoffa

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    Satanists do evil because it's the opposite of "good". I"m talking about good in the sense of good morals taught by every religion.

    A satanist like Richard Rameriez (The night stalker) did evil not because he thought it was for a good cause, but because it was for an evil one. He did not want attention, he did evil only for the sake of evil. He's one of the most evil persons to ever live, (way more evil than Hitler).

    Read about him here;

    I think he alone disproves Smith's theory that everyone is good...
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    Wouldn't that be 'good' in the sense it provided him pleasure because he was doing what he wanted?

    It is silly to assume everything is so black and white.
  6. Hoffa

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    That's not what Will Smith was talking about. He didn't say everyone is good because even evil people get pleasure. He said even Hitler was good because in his twisted logic he thought ridding the world of Jews would make it a better place for the rest of us to live and work in.
    Richard Rameriez was not trying to make the world a better place. He was pure evil.
  7. Deuce Wayne

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    The ending seemed very unfinished. Like the director hit a time constraint or something and just said 'uh, alright, I know it's just now getting interesting but Will, make something up and end the scene...Later guys! Cam's still rolling."
    Good up until the ending, and that almost ruins the entire movie.
    Cruds, buddy, you're just digging at things. CGI was bad? Compared to what? It was actually surprisingly good, but if you think the cgi in this movie is bad while recommending poorly done old zombie flicks - some thing's wrong. lol

    I give the movie a 7 out of 10. Worth a see. And I'd rather watch it 5 more times within the time it'd take to read the book. Boo-Yah!
  8. But a satanist doesn't think that what we call good is good. They would think something horrible is good. Their god is most people's devil.

    It's just a matter of different (read: insane) perspective. But he was doing what he personally believed was good even knowing that the majority of people would condemn it as evil.
  9. But the whole point is that he didn't think that Hitler was good. He merely says that Hitler's goal was something that his own twisted mind considered good. His point was that Hitler set out to do something that he personally considered a positive despite the fact that we all consider it evil.
  10. Hoffa

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    I agree about Hitler. I just think Hitler is not the example you should use to prove that everyone is good. I think there are other examples of people more evil than Hitler, who do things that they know are evil and not good, but they do them for the soul reason of doing evil, not good.

    I believe in good and evil, and that they are two entirely different entities, which are at odds with each other. I do not believe, as Will Smith, that everyone is good and trying to only do what they think is good. I believe some people are possessed by evil.

    I will agree, somewhat, that everyone is born good. But some people fall prey to the seduction of evil, and thus do deeds which go against what is good.

    That is only my belief, and everyone is entitled to their own beliefs.
    My beliefs have me concerned about the future of the world and it's people.
    I believe in looking out for the evil that is around us.

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