I almost had a change of heart regarding the offseason

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by edward nigma, Jan 27, 2013.

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    It's full up atm.
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    I know the consensus on the go titans boards is to take Warmack at 10, but I honestly believe the drop off in guard talent from the first to second round isn't as vast as it would be if we wanted to take a DT or DE in the 2nd. Like all the draft experts warn teams about, "don't fall in love with a player in the draft." I just don't want you guys to be pissed if Warmack is there and we go with another player on defense but get Warford in the 2nd.

    I think Warford is a beast and though not the caliber player of Warmack, he would be great for us and I believe he'll be there in the 2nd. He was amazing during the senior bowl and the knocks against him aren't something that really effect a lineman's play that much, like speed (as opposed to being undersized). I like him better than Cooper from NC.

    Another player I thought had a great senior bowl and I would love to take in the 4th is Cal center Brian Schwenke. He was absolutely blowing people off the ball in the game and would be a great pick in the 4th round. There was one play during the game, on a TD run for his team, where he absolutely blew up the lineman he went against and got to the 2nd level and blocked someone else and the RB ran right behind him for the score. I think he may have been one of the players Jim Wyatt mentioned had already met with the Titans during last week.

    If we go that route we can go after Levitre in FA and not have to worry about changing our guys positions on the line. That way our line would be: Roos, Levitre, Schwenke, Warford, Stewart. Pretty stout if you ask me.
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    I think most of us are in favor of taking a defensive stud at 10 and waiting on the Guard for our 2nd pick.
    Like you said there's not much drop off from the 1st and 2nd ranked Guards.
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    Yup. Warmack is a good fall back if we arnt fully sold on someone else but to me and you and a bunch of us here, we all agree we can get a starting G in the second, easily. And the talent gap wouldn't be that large from Warmack to the next guy. However if we want one of the top tier guys and he's there, the next tier is definitely a difference.

    Star is easily the top DT in the draft and fits a need for us perfectly, the next tier of guys might only be rotational starters and not a star.

    Same with Vacarro, I believe he is the top S in draft and there isn't another Safety with his coverage skills in the draft. He's just an all around safety with great ability to cover the field.

    I'm not fully sold in one DE in this draft. I like Ansah but I feel like he is at best a late round first, early second with potential. Way too early to risk a high pick like ours on him. Some people really like Werner or Mingo/jones. Mingo and jones are almost the same player to me except that jones transfers his power better but he has a spinal condition. Mingo is pure speed rush LB.

    Werner shows some great get off and looks to have a good dip move in the works.. Still don't like him at 10 or either mingo or jones. I think the second tier of DEs are serviceable. And we have two starters already. Need a third guy that can rotate in.
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    I actually really like this option B you speak of! Two young guns on the inside that are maulers.. I also love Brandon Williams in the 2nd.

    Also, realistically I would say LaRon Landry in free agency in perfect. Love it! High five
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