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    For the first time since the Titans’ initial OTA session, rookie wide receiver Justin Hunter was on the field with his teammates on Wednesday.

    Hunter, a second-round draft pick out of the University of Tennessee, had been sidelined with an injured hamstring. But on Wednesday, he participated in seven-on-seven drills and some team drills – and even tried to sneak his way into the scrimmage situations.

    “I snuck in for a play, but then (offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains caught me),” Hunter said with a smile.

    Titans coach Mike Munchak said the team probably could have allowed Hunter to participate in some earlier OTAs, but wanted to be cautious with the hamstring injury.

    The reason he gave Hunter the go-ahead on Wednesday was so the youngster would carry some positive emotions away from the OTAs.

    “It was just to give him a little confidence because you feel like you don’t belong when you get hurt,” Munchak said. “I’ve been through that. I don’t care whether you’re a Pro Bowler or whatever you may be, when you’re hurt and you’re not in there participating, you feel like an outsider, like you’re missing out.

    “I’m sure he’s been dreaming about the day he’d been in the NFL, especially when he’s a rookie, so it’s hard to come here and not be practicing … It was good for him to be out there today.”

    Hunter said he was glad to be involved.

    “Seeing all them guys working so hard out there, sweating and everything, I just needed to get out there and do the same thing,” Hunter said.

    His next goal is to add weight, as the 197-pound Hunter hopes to play this season at between 200 and 205 pounds.

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    Damn. Glad to hear Big Puzzy won't leave with hurt feelings.
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