Howard v Davis -- Draft Wars Semi-Final

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by The Hammer, Apr 21, 2017.


Who would you rather the Titans draft?

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  1. OJ Howard

  2. Corey Davis

  1. Ontario Titan

    Ontario Titan Pro Bowler

    True can't measure heart but good point about him blocking and working hard at it. I certainly can see him at 5 but would rather have that pick be D.

    Where do you live Gut?

    Draft can't come fast enough!
  2. 8isGreat

    8isGreat Starter Tip Jar Donor

    It's difficult to gauge a player or predict how they will do in the NFL without first getting to know them as an individual or at the very least interviewing them yourself. So, without being able to do either, I'm basically going by what I see on TV (such as in games, TV interviews, documentaries, etc.) or what I read online (via news, interviews, features, scouting reports, etc.).

    If I were JRob or Mularkey, my biggest questions for every player, not just Hooker and Howard, would be geared at finding out how much they love football. Let's face it, the NFL is a grind and you see a lot of talent, even stars in college that fizzle in the NFL because they simply don't have the love, desire, or passion for football. So the comment from that NFC GM questioning if he loves football is a valid concern -- not just about Howard, but about Hooker or any player a team may be thinking about drafting. It's so vital that they love football if you are considering drafting them and I can only hope that JRob and Mularkey have done their homework to assess which players truly do love football and those that do not. I'm fairly certain JRob and Mularkey know the importance of this and are doing what they need to in this area of scouting.

    One positive for Howard is that he was voted the practice player of the week at this year's Senior Bowl, so it shows me that he works hard in practice.

    As for Howard underperforming?! If really has very little to do with O.J. Howard and more to do with Bama just not using him correctly. I watched a lot of Bama this past CFB season and it was infuriating to me how little they used him...and I'm not a Bama fan! I can just imagine how Bama fans must have felt knowing they had that kind of weapon not being used!

    But again, it wasn't Howard's fault. I believe him being used rarely the past two seasons was more a knock on the QBs than Howard. Based on what I saw, my guess is that Kiffin was trying to keep things simple or limit throws made by Hurts and Sims the past two years. But then again, Bama has never been a TE heavy offense in the passing game instead mostly relying on the TE for run-blocking.

    Here's a pretty good article of Howard talking about him at the Senior Bowl and his underutilization in the Bama offense.

    Also, here's a pretty good scouting report vid of Howard from a guy that I really like [Brett Kollman] that knows his stuff in regards to the game of football. He has some of the same complaints with Bama's lack of correctly using Howard.

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  3. VondyP

    VondyP Sunshiner General Tip Jar Donor

    there is an oj howard circle jerk happening in here
  4. Ontario Titan

    Ontario Titan Pro Bowler

    You joining in?
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  5. Ontario Titan

    Ontario Titan Pro Bowler

    I get alot of what you're saying, and appreciate he must be a hard worker. I understand the question about desire and love of football must come up with every player to some degree, but not every players draft profile mentions it. So is it a bigger concern with Howard?? I don't watch college ball enough but if the FO believe he's worth the pick I'm hoping and sure they have done their homework on him.

    I'll check out the videos.

    Where are you from btw?
  6. The Hammer

    The Hammer Problematic AF

    Damn, this one close too
  7. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    Gareon Conley gave Vondy his jizz fix for the day. Vondy didn't really want it, but that didn't matter...
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  8. The Hammer

    The Hammer Problematic AF

    Nah he too busy with the "The" Ohio State University circle jerk :)
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  9. ImATitan

    ImATitan Pro Bowler

    If Howard underperformed, it's due to Alabama's 87th ranked passing offense
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  10. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler

    New York. And you? Ontario? lol
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