How will the "new" ownership respond?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titanium, Nov 17, 2013.

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    I am astounded at the numbers because I never actually did the full calculations. All valid points so I do hope we makes changes because I do want to go to a game soon!
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    I truly think A LOT of people are either at or close to getting at that same point. Last season I swore off attending another game and/or spending any money on this football team until a coaching change was made and the organization could show that they were actually serious about winning. I've stuck to my word. I'm glad I didn't break down and attend a game earlier this season when we were still in "pretender" mode. We seriously just watch the SAME season play out over and over again.

    I know a few people with season tix who can hardly give them away. And from the sound of it the atmosphere in the stands just gets worse and worse. Like Parking Lot B said, they can only realistically expect the fans to hang in there for so long. People are fed up with the constant mediocrity. This organization is garbage and doesn't deserve blind loyalty at this point.
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    I saw a billboard in Jacksonville today that said "Keep the streak alive!"

    I didn't realize that one win was a streak. Either way, congratulations, Tennessee Titans, you gave the Jags something to be happy about for six and a half days.
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    The new ownership has a chance to pocket over a $Billion with a sale. Given their age, lack of involvement, and absentee status, why would they make the investment to turn around the franchise when they can sell it. Realistically, it will take some time to set it up for a sale.

    I believe the existing lease runs out in 2018. This franchise could be answer to the NFL's problem of a team in LA. Hope it doesn't happen, just sayin'.....
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    They are in Nashville at least until 2030 on the current lease.
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    Now they're selling the team?

    Jesus, does anyone have a clue or just spouting whatever ignorant rubbish they can think of?
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    It's what happens when there is no news to be had from the owners.
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    Hey thanks for the thought! While your at it, give us some paper cuts and pour lemon juice on them! Just sayin.
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    I used to feel bad through the years for the Lions Fans or the Chiefs Fans or the Browns Fans for how long they had to try and get up for games and hang in there with their teams, loss after loss, etc. Now we've walked a mile in their shoes........... Hopefully the new Owner/Management Executive team will realize this.
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    When Wellington Mara was coming to the end of his days, every fan and everyone in the league knew the future plans with his family.

    When George Halas was coming to the end of his days, every fan and everyone in the league knew the future plans with his family.

    When Lamar Hunt was coming to the end of his days, every fan and everyone in the league knew the future plans with his family.

    But when Bud Adams was coming to the end of his days, nobody in Nashville or Houston had a clue what would happen when Bud passed to the Great Beyond.

    That leaves the door open for a lot of skepticism.