How will the "new" ownership respond?

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    Big decisions facing this new ownership not only include coaching, but keeping CJ, Locker, as well as UFAs like Pollard, Verner, and Pitoutia. Personally, I expect this ownership group will be selling within next two years and that may affect their decision on coaches and UFAs. If they are planning on selling, it will be a more attractive package if there are not high legacy costs like coaching contracts and UFAs. Look for Munch to either coach out his last year or get a one year extension. Our real hope is a new ownership group that will be more dedicated to excellence and results.
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    If the owners continue to make money on the franchise, there likely will no incentive to change anything. Money trumps being #1 every time. You have to SPEND money to be #1 and this franchise has always had trouble spending money-or at least enough of it to improve. Couple that with a seemingly hereditary penchant for abhoring change of any kind, and you get what we have. Mr. Smith is what, around 65+? Unless he is different from most people that age, he isn't inclined to change his thinking. ( I know whereof I speak!) :cj:
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    They spent last year.

    It didn't help.
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    It actually did. Obviously not every addition was a home run, but our pass defense has improved dramatically with our 2 new safeties. Fokou going down had hurt us a lot because he was an excellent addition. Delanie Walker was a fantastic pickup for the offense. I was never under the impression that last year's off season would make us playoff contenders. I do see a lot of improvement heading into next year. We just need major improvement in both sides of the trenches, and when you're struggling there, nothing else matters. Oh yeah, some QB play wouldn't hurt.
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    We've all seen countless times the Redskins and Cowboys spend spend spend on free agents and it did not work.Sadly this year we spent as well and so far it looks like it will not work for us either.The bottom line is we are going to have to be able to draft well and hope we get a QB capable of leading this team into the future.Teams that draft well and have success find a QB are the ones that win in this league.Making the wrong decisions cost franchises years when the QB does not work out.Cleveland,Buffalo,Jacksonville,Kansas City,Miami,St. Louis have spent years in the bottom of the standings because of this.

    Green Bay only has three free agents on their whole roster the rest is players found through the draft.Same goes for a team like Detroit who drafted Matthew Stafford and have built their defense through the draft.Also Seattle drafted Russell Wilson and players like Browner and Sherman cornerstones of defense found in the draft.Same goes for San Francisco when they drafted Kaepernick and found some of their best players throughout the draft.Baltimore was able to find Joe Flacco and also players like Ray Rice in the draft as well as most of the players on the Super Bowl team like Suggs,Reed,Lewis were all players the team found through the years in the draft.

    The bottom line is we are going to have to find a good QB in the draft and hopefully this year is the moment we finally get it right and pick a good one to lead us into the future.
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    I believe a team does have to be able to build through the draft but when it comes to finding a good QB getting a guy who's already proven he can play can sometimes be found through free agency. Look at Denver with Manning, or Drew Brees. Heck even Favre wasn't actually drafted by the Packers.

    Because the QB position is such a boom or bust pick if you can get lucky enough to scoop up a proven entity in free agency then I'm all for that too. With that said I'd much rather hit on a good QB in the draft as well because then you've got YOUR guy for years to come but so far we've been looking for that guy for almost a decade and we've had no luck finding him.
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    Just because I actually like to read posts, it's easier if you break em up broski. Just helping out.
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    Coaches are more important than players, coaches can make mediocre players better.. if you have "good" players and **** coaches, you got no chance.

    Look at all the no names the Patriots keep finding that contribute immediately. If those same players were here, they'd be on the god damn practice squad or bench.
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    I will be surprised if Munch is back next year unless we make a miracle run to end season and get in playoffs.
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    I'd like to get jay gruden to be our HC/OC
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