How to improve on Defense

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    If you don't agree with what I'm saying then I want you to go back and look at the film. Film don't lie...

    This defense is playing like nothing like last year's defense. But of course, everyone wants to improve and how can we? What I've seen on defense that hurts us.

    1. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, leave Pollard 1v1 on any TE or WR. He is below average in man coverage. He is average in zone. He is a in the box type of safety and never leave him alone with a TE, RB, or WR. He is better at him using his eyes on the play in zone than in man. Who we need to replace when using that personnel is George Wilson. A better coverage safety and I'm happy we use those 3 safety packages at times because it has showed in games that Wilson can make a impact.

    2. Moise Fokou, he is our weakest link on defense. The guy is known for a run stopper, not a pass coverage LB. However, he has been nothing but crap in the run game. He had one good hit in the steelers game and since then, fell off and has hurt us both in the run and pass. He has been out of place in his gap fill and beat in the pass. I understand he is the mike, the leader on D but when you have a guy that excels in the pass defense like Zach Brown, put Brown in on those 3rd and long nickel package and not Fokou because he has hurt us. Doesn't help when he is suppose to be our run stopper and can't stop run for sh*t.

    3. Martin and Klug. Martin rated 24, Klug rated 25 best DT in football. Both guys aren't even starters. Both players have been playing very well in the run and pass. They need more snaps. I'm not a fan of Antonio Johnson and Hill got hurt too soon to see much out of him. Martin and Klug need more snaps, simple as that because with Casey being the other DT, only makes their game much easier. They both have been playing really good.