How to Change Your Twitter Name for Halloween

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    lol :troll:

    How to Change Your Twitter Name for Halloween


    From ABC News to the Atlantic Wire to, everyone's talking about the cool new Twitter trend—changing your name to a "spooky" version for Halloween. Here's how you can join the fun!
    Who wouldn't want to participate in a fun "meme" with a bunch of Twitter users? Only a "Halloween grinch." Follow these quick tips to "dress up" your Twitter account in the "costume" of a new name:
    1. From the Twitter home page, select "Settings"


    2. Scroll down and press "Deactivate my account."


    3. Press "Deactivate"

    4. Enter your password


    5. You're all set! Your Twitter account now has a "Hallowe'en Name." Spooky! Enjoy the holiday!
  2. Scarecrow

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    mine is already Dr. Crane/Scarecrow......I don't think it needs anything else.
  3. Gunny

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    What's up with those tweets in the picture? lol.
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