How short is Jakes leash this season?

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    Fitz gets 3.25M this yr
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    All NFL teams are lucky that the CBA put a cap on rookies. I think it is a much better system and allows us to pay a quality backup this kind of money while grooming our young "starter". This number would have been a tough pill to swallow just a few years ago. We will see how this pans out, but having another smart football player around Jake certainly can't hurt! So pleased with this FA period!
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    If Locker doesn't work out Munch is gone either way.
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    Not true at all. There are almost endless scenarios where Munch doesn't get fired and Locker gets benched.
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    Probably,But lets say Locker struggles and they put Fitz in and he proceeds to lead us to a winning record and maybe the postseason.Then Munch would have the job of figuring out if Jake gets cut loose or not.
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    What has Fitzpatrick ever done to make anyone think he's capable of producing a winning record? He's never done it. If we start out 1-3 with Locker we're doomed.
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    And none of them include Fitzpatrick winning games, since he's never done it. If Munch's job rests in the hands of Rusty Smith or Ryan Fitzpatrick to produce a winning record if Locker can't do it then we're all ****ed.
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    Well if Locker fails in any way, Munch is toast, they are tied together at the hip.

    It would best suit Munch to let Locker play out the entire season even if he struggles because at the end of the day, Locker needs the reps and experience.

    Let's just say Locker sucks and gets yanked after week 8 due to terrible play, Fitzpatrick finishes out the year with a few wins... guess what Munch is gone anyway. So whats the point in benching the guy who you hand picked to be your franchise QB. We all know he has faith in Jake, so there is no way in hell he's giving up on him after what, like 9 total career starts?

    The only way Munch stays on as coach is if Locker succeeds, period.

    You're the one being fooled.
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    Uhh Locker hasn't either, so I guess you're f**ked Munch!!!
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    Okay nice job guy. You're considering ONE scenario where Locker is benched. Reality is you have no idea what will happen, and their are infinite different scenarios where Munchak doesn't get fired once Locker comes out and stinks it up.

    Scenario 1: Locker gets hurt early week one, Fitzpatrick comes in, plays flawless for a month, we're 5-0, Locker comes back and Munch doesn't want to mess with a good thing. We finish 12-4 and get a home playoff game and 1st round bye.

    Scenario 50: Locker stinks it up for the first 5 games, we're 1-4, his QB rating is 70.5 and his completion percentage is below 55%. Fitzpatrick gets the nod and wins 5 in a row, gets us back in playoff contention and plays strong down the stretch to steal spot. We make a playoff run with all the momentum.

    Scenario 600: Locker tears shoulder meniscus in the 2nd game from throwing it so damn hard no where near any receiver ever. The ball was intended for Washington cutting across on a dump off route over the middle, it lands in the south side parking lot, crushes the windshield of Munchak's 2007 Buick, Munch not happy about that. Insert Fitzmagic, boom, no more cracked windshields in Nashville.

    Scenario 600 most likely, but what I'm saying is, you're delusional if you think if Munchak would win a superbowl with Fitzpatrick he'd still get fired.