How does LeVeon Bell's 3 game suspension affect his draft stock?

Discussion in 'Titan Cup/Fantasy Football' started by JCBRAVE, Apr 9, 2015.

With a 3 game suspension in place, does RB LeVeon Bell still go in the 1st round of FF drafts?

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    Speaking of spreadsheets, being in 5 leagues I thought that might be a good way of keeping track of stuff, no, it just becomes more work. Not something you want when you're juggling 5 teams...

    Alex I want you in our dynasty league so when you croke in 3 years I can snatch up all yo weapons... :)
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    Anybody do keeper leagues?

    I have so many awesome players on this team (gronk, brees, mccoy, cj anderson, antonio brown, jeremy hill) but we can only keep 2, and you lose the pick you drafted that player.

    I am 100% keeping brown and losing my second round pick.

    For me its either take gronk and lose my first round pick (keep 2 years in a row goes from 6th round to 1st), OR keep cj anderson and lose my 15th round pick (undrafted) and pick in the top 5 in the first round with guys such as mccoy, gronk, aj green, cobb, peterson, jeffrey available.

    I would love to have gronk again cause hes the best TE by far now that graham is in seattle, but it sucks giving up a first rounder to do it. Brown anderson and 1 of the above may work out better than brown and gronk.