How do we match up against the Texans?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by CJtheBeast, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. V-MAN

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    I know one thing for sure... Our offense needs to develop quick outs for Locker. I noticed last night that they blitz'd Rivers almost every other down. Wade is definitely going to come after Locker.

    Also our defense needs to disrupt there wr's at the line... It seemed every passing play they had was a timed route. Schaub would throw to an area. If we can disrupt there rhythm then they will have to focus on the run game alot more.. Which won't be easy either. But at least it makes them a little more one dimensional.
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    We'll see. I think in most every game this year, we will likely try to run the ball a lot more than pass, but there will be games where we have to air it out more. If we can pound the Texans and pass sparingly, we will. If we can't, Jake's gonna have to sling the rock around.
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    Or if Locker throws for 125 and 0 TDs.
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    I've been saying since the end of last season that I expect the Texans to take a step back this year. And I still feel that way, despite their comeback. Granted I fell asleep during the 3rd Q, but not one aspect of that team impressed me very much.

    I think we can contain the run. And I think we can run on them. AJ and Daniels will most likely get theirs, but as long as we don't let them go off we should be in good shape. But they will definitely score some points. So we need to be able to answer back.

    McCourty and Locker are the keys to this game IMO. And by that I mean they are the players we can least afford to have a bad game. I have a feeling we're going to need at least 2 TD passes from Locker in order to make this one a ball game. Sounds pretty simple, but he only did it 2 times in 11 starts last year.
  6. Kaeotik

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    Not to say Jake isn't responsible for his play, but one should take the following into account when critiquing Lockers play in 2012.

    First, we have an offensive coordinator who sucked so bad he was fired mid-season.


    Then, we have a jacked up shoulder that hindered him all season.


    Then, we have a legendarily awful offensive line that was horrendous in the running game, and bad in the passing game.


    Then, you have the worst scoring defense in football making sure that the opposing defense knows Locker has to throw to try to bring his team back.

    I doubt evaluating 2012 Jake Locker and 2013 Jake Locker will be very similar really.
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    we have to jam their WRs at the line, Schaub wants to get the ball out of his hands quickly so it will be important to disrupt the timing and routes of Daniels, AJ and Hopkins. If our DEs can get upfield, our DTs should be able to collapse the pocket. But none of that will matter if we're playing off the WRs by 10 yds.
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    All very true. I realize it's not totally fair to judge him based on last year. And it's probably not fair to judge him by his 125-0 stat line from Sunday. But it still worries me that, despite the excuses, he hasn't ever had that one game to make you go "WOW! We got us a QB here!" I guess you could maybe say the Detroit game last year, but that was one of the flukiest/craziest games I've ever seen. And it still never felt like he was the reason we won. I wanna see the guy straight up take over a game at some point.

    Anyway, we should have a better idea of exactly how far he's come on Sunday. Sure it's another tough D, but if you can't make plays against tough defenses then you're pretty much useless as a franchise QB.
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    Attitude is everything. We have attitude to go with our talent . We will bury them. :pointsky:
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    I don't know the gameplan going into the week but I hope its one where they plan on stuffing the run and making them beat us through the air. We have to get hands on their receivers at their line and play a solid game in the defensive backfield. The way we were hitting and flying around last week, those middle routes are gonna be hard earned come late in the game and we might get a few turnovers because of our physical play.

    If we can stop their run, and get stops on 3rd down in the passing game, I actually think we can follow a similar gameplan on offense as last week. Control the time of possession and use our power running game to wear down their defense. If CJ breaks off a long run its just an added bonus.

    I think Locker will look better against the Texans D than he did against the Steelers. I was confused watching the Steelers D and Polamalu always makes it tough on young quarterbacks. The guys on the Texans that scare me are AJ and Owen Daniels. If we can stop the big plays from AJ and their TE's I think we come out with a win.

    If we come out with a win....
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