How Are Two Games Going To Change How Management Views Munchak?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, Dec 18, 2013.

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    Regardless of what Munchak does in this last game i think its definitely time that Tommy Smith and the ownership think about letting him and his staff go and bringing in a brand new guy with his own staff.

    We need to be done once and for all with the in house hires and oiler connections that line of thinking has gotten us where we are the last three seasons already.

    They will waste another year if they let Munchak coach again not to mention with key players being let go and playing tougher teams next year we could actually end up with an even worse record than this season.

    I think we need to also let Fitzpatrick go and bring in either another veteran and also draft a QB in this upcoming draft.Even with a new staff we know already we are going nowhere with Fitzpatrick.

    I think our GM Webster has done a good job so far and i'd love to see who he would bring in if given the chance to make those decisions.

    I'm fine with bringing in a coach like Lovie Smith but if he gets fired i don't want any part of Mike Shanahan so hopefully that does not happen.I also would be completely fine with bringing in a hot coordinator like Zimmer,Roman,McCoy,Horton,etc.

    I'd love to see fresh leadership brought in and get this team started in another direction because where we are now will never work.
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    Nobody on here knows Tommy Smith...

    I really think this dull win over the Jags won this Monster another year. His body language after the game speaks a lot..
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    meaning we are F*****! If Tommy boy here keeps munch, we know our owner is worse than the coach by deciding to keep him.
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    FOL we won... ugh.