Smack Houston, you have a problem (Schaub)

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Kaeotik, Oct 1, 2013.

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    I love listening to the Texans radio here in Houston. I almost feel sorry for Texans fans. It's like they've convinced themselves the thing that has been holding their team back was Case Keenum wasn't starting because he is the much better QB of the three. One of the radio hosts here said "coming up...who deserves the credit for deciding to start Keenum?" the guy has already turned their season around.

    There is a funny thread on their message board worrying that Keenum could have trouble because the Chiefs wear red unifroms and the Houston Cougars wear red uniforms
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    I like the " This is weird " thread they talk about Case having " IT " and how John Mclain was talking to another college coach about how Keenum would be the starter if Schaub went out.

    It would really be funny if it wasnt so sad. These fans are wrapped up in this team and cannot believe it could all be over.

    If Case Keenum falls flat and gets hammered as I expect him too I wonder what they will say then?

    Could Kubiak have set it up any harder for the guy? KC is one of if not the toughest place to play on the road.
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    Case Keenum is on par with guys like Graham Harrell, Colt Brennan, and Jason White... QBs who put up awesome numbers in college, but had no chance in the NFL.

    Just wait and see how many picks this kid throws on Sunday...

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    The thing that Texan fan isnt considering is that Keenum is getting a new offense to go with his style of play. He is still going to be running Kubiaks same ole 30 plays. Nothing is changing except he is more mobile and may have a stronger arm. I am afraid he is going to get throttled. Well... I am not really afraid... :brow: I also dont think he will throw more than 20 passes. All that roll out bootleg crap and alot more running is what we will see Sunday from the Texans.

    Chiefs 27
    Texans 10
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    I like Keenum...he's a good guy but Texans fans are fooling themselves if they think he isn't about to be pummeled into the ground. It's not a good thing for an undrafted QB making his first appearance in an NFL game to take a struggling team into Arrowhead facing an undefeated team who is on pace to shatter the all time sack record.....I mean they have TWO guys on pace to reach the individual sack record for a season
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    Same old Texans. Who knew their window would only stay open for a couple of years before slamming shut. Biggest collection of choke artists in the NFL.
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    Texans and Texan fans suck balls.
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    They never had a window. They were winning the AFC South by default.

    Now the Titans and Dolts are halfway rebuilt, so the Cows get to rejoin the Faguars in the basement.
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    Texans fans are dumb enough to believe Keenum is going to win them games over Schaub. Hope he pulls a rosencopter, loses the ball and they loose every single game! Kubiak gets fired for his incompetence as a HC.
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