Houston looks to build yards into points

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    Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky The Texans won in Cleveland with a stingy sort of defense that's hardly been their hallmark, holding the Browns to two field goals. And coach Gary Kubiak found that encouraging.

    But he also saw plenty of opportunity for Houston to turn a 10-point win into a real blowout, potential that the Texans were unable to take advantage of.

    It's yet another step a team growing at a slow rate needs to figure out for such a circumstance.

    "We had 260 yards in a half of football," Kubiak said. "In the National Football, that's tremendous ball movement but [we] had 13 points to show for it. We came out the second half and moved the ball very well the first two drives. We had big penalties in the red zone. We got first-and-15 three or four times that set us back.

    "In this league, you've got to find a way to make some big plays. We were working really hard moving the ball [Sunday]. We never made the big play to finish a drive or get off the field quickly. So, we like the movement of the ball but obviously you've got to score more points than that."

    If the Texans are able to build on that and be more effective and turning yards into points in their next game, they just might come out that Monday night matchup against Jacksonville in third place in the AFC South.

Thread Status:
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