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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by hrudy18, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. GoT

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    Super Mario will save the day
  2. SteveH

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    Key is how they handle the pressure - of finally being expected to win..
    We'll be favourites won't we? Let's hope they don't get carried away
  3. Hoffa

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    If you scroll down this John McClain article, he states that you can't blame Carr for the Texans woes this year, but instead the trouble is Houston's lack of a running game.

    Lack of a running game...hmmm, to bad there wasn't a decent running back they could have picked up in the draft...:biglaugh:

  4. Childress79

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    They are in a world of hurt in terms of defensive players being injured & the most feeble of running games.

    We definately have the edge coming into this game.
  5. but it would be us to screw it up tho, and we also have an extra week of rest to get our legs back under us which will also benefit us
  6. lowery21

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    You think that Vince will be excited about playing the Texans?
  7. EZpickin

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    this past week was huge for bringing this team together against the odds to win, it's a MASSIVE building block, take it one game at a time and try to turn this season into something somewhat decent...
    the O line has to stay focused, protect vince, open the running lanes and with that it will open vinces passing game..
    The D take away the big plays, and stay consistant...
    lets go titans....
  8. paraconspiracy

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    although i do think the the texans are retards for making the mario pick. i think it does make some sense from their point of view.

    they had a RB that was the best in the AFC south... so they didnt NEED bush... they do now cause Davis never healed.
    they didnt NEED a QB... Carr is pretty good.
    i dont kn ow why they didnt trade down and go Dbrick... that was stupid.
    i think they picked mario because they had a pretty good feeling we were going VY... i think everybody had a pretty good feeling about that... they wanted a pass rusher who could force the young Young (snicker) into long yard situations after the sack... what better way than get the best DE since reggie white... just too bad for them he was way over rated, isn't/never will be worthy to even clean Reggie White's underwear and will probably never be able to strike any fear into vince anyhow.

    i cant wait to beat them.
    i just hope that when it gets draft time we find a way to get Calvin Johnson. a safety in the second and load up on oline. if his speed is faster than a 4.5 i would be happy giving away a couple of 3's to move up for Johnson.
  9. Overalls

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    This thread needs to be moved to the smack section so I can respond without being told I ruined a regular topic.
  10. GoT

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    Just Moo it!
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