Horton: 4 Games before we see true D

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    We really only have 1 new player on our starting defense and that is Woodyard. Every other starter was with the team last year.

    Lots of people were upset with the draft this year because they knew that the talent that we had on defense was sub-par, but yet we didn't address that side of the ball in either the 1st or 2nd rnd where you expect to find a possible impact starter.

    I don't blame the FO and staff because instead of throwing out all the old players you do need to give them a chance to prove themselves in the new scheme. This year is going to be very tough on defense and then next offseason will be dedicated to fixing the numerous holes that we have.

    I've always felt that to be a consistent playoff team that you need to be elite on one side of the ball. If Locker plays like he has been and our OL plays up to its potential then we have the pieces and depth to be a very very solid offense.
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    Woahhhh now everyone is backtracking on how they thought the D was going to be dramatically improved because of coaching lmao. I've been saying it all offseason, coaching is not that important at this level of football.

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    Last preseason (2013) we gave up 359-yards/game, then finished 14th best defense. You dont know WTF you're talking about.

    Did Greg Williams not improve our defense from 26th to 14th? he did. Coaching matters.
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    He wasn't even the defensive coordinator. Also that was before we lost our best corner.

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    Even you know that was Williams defense last year
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    For the first half.
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    If you don't think good coaching is very important in the NFL than you're an idiot. Who calls the plays? Creates the game plans every week? TEACHES THE ROSTER PLAYERS HOW TO IMPROVE? With bad coaches, how can you improve your roster?

    I didn't expect the D to be top 5 to start the year, that would be silly. End the year top 5? While that may be a stretch, you never know. Horton has the track record of turning D's around. And don't tell me "well team X had player Y" because you know what, they had that player the year before Horton got there too and they still sucked.

    With injuries/suspensions/etc. I think the first 4 weeks or so broke as much in our favour as they could have. That gives the D some time to get their chit together in games where the offence should be able to carry them. As the season progresses, both units will improve and the D will carry more of their weight.

    The pre season is vanilla. When Horton starts blitzing the opposition, we'll see better run stopping and more QB pressure. The tackling hasn't been good, but that could be from limited practice, starters not wanting to get hurt, who knows. Next Sunday will give us an indication.
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    It will take a bit for the players to grasp the new defense. It is not the 3-4. It is not just the 3-4 formation. We are switching to a read and react style of defense. Very different from what we had before. LBs line up closer so they have to take different angles. DL line up with their feet more square to the line. DBs will have to get used to not having LBs as deep.

    The good news though is that while we are changing it makes us a lot harder to prepare for. Opposing coaches and players will not be able to rely as much on film from last year to gauge how to play the Titans D. Which will help to mitigate the learning curve.
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    I'm excited to see when the defense finally gets settled and playing right, we could do some damage with the right setups, plus read and react just makes a lot more sense than just preparing for the run or pass all vanilla like.

    I can see it being hard the first few weeks, but the concept is there, and they'll meld soon enough. I'm not worried, it'll happen eventually.

    What I think is nice though.... is that during the atlanta game at halftime, Whiz said he was pissed, and jumped the team's asses for playing so poorly, ol' munchie wouldn't have even yelled at them, much less got mad.

    On a side note, Whiz reminds me of a goatee-less bill cowher. lol
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    You could give Peyton Manning the worst coach in the league and he would still be one of the best teams in the NFL. QB is more important than coaching.