Hook and Ladder/Lateral play

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Deuce Wayne, Jan 21, 2014.


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    Im a huge fan of laterals. Ive always wanted us to run laterals
  2. Dman

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    well maybe we can do that since lowgains is gone!
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    as long as whats his face keeps the shuffle pass covered with garlic and stabbed with a silver sword then he can tinker with the occasional lateral
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    They always show the hook and ladders/laterals the work... It's a smaller percentage.

    You don't see the failed hook and ladders/laterals unless you're watching this week's "C'mon Man", or a segment on why a certain coach got fired.
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    I've always thought it could DEFINITELY work and do some serious damage until teams started learning how to defend it.

    If an offense practiced it habitually and some coach with major balls created a system with it I think you'd see a high powered offense unlike anything the NFL has ever witnessed.

    For example, this season if while Peyton did all the real work and the Broncos coaching staff had been developing a playbook revolving completely around a hook and ladder package and installing bits and pieces week after week but not using it in games, and then busted it out in the Superbowl, it'd be a guaranteed victory IMO.

    How could you stop it? Get the right personnel (5-7 speed/agility guys, 5 of your fastest linemen, smart players who make good decisions) coupled with genius ballscreens downfield, wedges forming mid play, and instead of "timing passes" you have "timing laterals" to wes welker 40 yards across the field. If you could get 11 guys on the field who knew the system going against a defense that was running around clueless like a chicken with it's head cut off, that's a guaranteed victory almost.

    How long could you sustain it? IDK. I'd assume defenses would figure it out probably after 3-4 games and turnovers would go up to an inefficient level and the offense would die out and go away forever. And even if it were somehow undefendable I'm sure rules changes would be implemented to level the playing field..
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