Hightower safest pick in the draft...

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Titans2004, Mar 2, 2012.

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    Hightower would be a beast at Will Linebacker. I might sound crazy but taking him at 20would be a good fit for us. By the time we pick I think were gonna be reaching for a DE like W.Merculis or a DT like D.Still. Hightower can come in day one and be a baller. Can rush the passer very well, he even kicked down to DE in sub packages cus of his rush skills. He can play all 3 downs with pretty good coverage skills as well.

    With this pick we have 3 good versatile backers for years to come. Ayers and Hightower will be great at blitzing. McCarthy is everything we need at Mike Backer. In the net rounds go for Dline Oline, with a deep class in both we could still find some future studs in later rounds. Bring in a CB like Terrel Thomas in free agency n maybe bring back Babs or find another SS in the draft we're in good shape. But Im on this Hightower hype alot
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    I think Hightower or Upshaw would both fit our scheme well. They both have size and versatility. I'd be happy either way and with the major lack of depth at our DE spot (2 DE's on the roster as of today) we could definitely use it in the 1st. I'm honestly starting to believe that we are going to go DE in the first 2 rounds and really wouldn't have a problem with it. I know we need OL help, but honestly to win in this league we have to have a pass rush. Hoping for DE's in both the 1st and 2nd rounds.