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  1. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    "Young's been most effective on passes when the ball is in the air 21-30 yards —he's 10-of-16 (62.5 percent) with a passer rating of 106.3. By comparison, backup Kerry Collins is 0-of-15 this season at the same distances."

    per the tennessean
  2. TheSureThing

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    and Nate Washington dropped at least 2 easy ones, one that would of been a sure touchdown.
  3. iQon

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    Kerry sucked because he was one less player to account for on the field. Very easy to gameplan for and he wasn't shy about throwing the ball away.

    Far as this guy Nate is concerned? :rolleyes: If Bud Adams was smart, he'd take a loss, give him his guaranteed money, and cut him during the offseason.

    And why not? He was the rebound to Torry Holt. He WAS catching everything before the season started and made us forget about Torry. Now he's just a traditional Titans wide out. Get him outta here and give our young guys a shot. I've seen more out of Hawkins in limited sets.

    You want a speed wide out, they're out there for relatively cheap in the draft. Philip Livas. ;)
  4. TitansWinAgain

    TitansWinAgain Camp Fodder

    Very telling stat from

    This was written after the Rams game:

    "Young had three passes thrown 20 or more yards downfield in eight attempts. Collins had one such pass amongst his 19 throws, a completion to Nate Washington. Before that completion, Collins had gone 1-of-22 on passes thrown 20 yards or more downfield this year, with a streak of 20 incompletions or interceptions before that completion to Washington. If he's required to stay in the lineup, the Titans can't throw the ball deep. That pushes the safeties back up to the line of scrimmage or out wide, squashing a lot of Chris Johnson's ability to get into the open field and make magic happen."
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