Haynesworth to test free-agent market

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Daves not here, Feb 18, 2009.

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    You're funny. First, you throw out a whole bunch of stuff that doesn't make sense. When I explain it to you...you say I'm not listening and don't get it. Then you try again changing a 3-4 to a 'gimmick' alignment. And why do certain players play at certain spots...

    I explain that to you...

    And now it's too detailed (or boring) for you to bother reading? :wall:

    Sorry you don't wish to understand the fallacy of what you're suggesting. Keep your 'entertaining' posts coming though!

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    Boring? What he is is respected.

    He went to the trouble of trying to have an intelligent discussion with you.He gave detailed and correct points as to why your ideas while plausible would create further issues for our Defence.

    I too like the idea of us changing to a 3-4 front seven.It's appealed to me at times because I know just how much trouble we've had playing against 3-4 teams over the years.In the AFC the Ravens & Steelers have often shut our running game down with ease.

    The truth is though that we only had trouble against such teams because we've been one dimensional on Offence. Either alignment with the right players can be devastating to an Offence.

    Our alignment is well established in terms of our coaching staff and our roster.If Albert leaves then our scheme will have to change to compensate but without doubt we'll continue with 4-3 Defence.
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