Haynesworth to test free-agent market

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Daves not here, Feb 18, 2009.

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  1. Gunny

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    He wouldn't have signed his tender if he didn't get the no franchise tag option. I don't think any top player wants to be tagged more than once and will become common.

    After a certain date you can't negotiate with a player.
  2. Gut

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    In addition, Haynesworth DID say..dont remember if at Pro Bowl or elsewhere that he might take less if it was all guaranteed. Perhaps this offer was all guranteed money...in which case it is not an insulting offer.

    [quoteThe other thing is the people who are complaining because we made a deal not to franchise tag him again. What happens if we don't do that, he skips training camp, comes in behind and out of shape, and has an average season? Then we wouldn't have gotten his production and he wouldn't have had any trade value. Now that would have been a major blunder.[/QUOTE]

    So you think that AH -in a worst case scneario - having held out of training camp and pre-season would NOT have played his best? Wouldn't he be playing for a contract??? At worst he holds out for a while and comes in out of shape...spends a few weeks working his way into shape but is in mid-season form by mid-season or earlier. Yes, not ideal, but I wouldn't be giving up a first and third rnd pick for the difference (minimum of what we could get in a trade). Would you?

    Better yet, I would have discussed contract perameters with him and his agent and given him my word that if he's a dominant player for the first 3/4 of the season, we would work out a new contract for him before season's end so he would get paid and wouldn't get a tag.

  3. TitanJeff

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    This is how it's been done as long as I can remember and I see nothing wrong with it. The Titans never overpay.

    Do you honestly think Haynesworth will sign ANY reasonable deal with the Titans two weeks before free agency begins? His "price" has been the same for months. He wants to be the highest-paid DL in the league. So, anything short of a deal which rivals Jared Allen's is not going to keep AH in Tennessee right now.

    Let's not put Sims in the same class as Haynesworth. We don't even know the deal he received but it won't be close to what AH will see.

    As for Gross, remember the Titans extended both of their OTs before the season began to avoid overpaying for them now. Gross' six-year for $60 mil is $17 million more than what the Titans paid Roos who is as good, if not better. To me, that makes the Titans front office look pretty smart right about now.

    Suggs and Robinson were tagged. The Titans can't use it on Haynesworth. So how does that come into play here?

    If you want to look at one deal which maybe supports that Haynesworth's price may go up is Asomugha's deal. He is being paid $45.3 million for a three-year contract. That's $15 mil a season. But remember, this is the same team who paid $50 mil to Tommy Kelly. No wonder Asomugha didn't want to go to free agency. He was already playing for that crazy team who would overpay for him.

    And the Titans other extension last season to Finnegan ended up also making the Titans front office look pretty sharp as well.

    Do you honestly think Haynesworth has the season he did last year if that deal had not been worked out? I don't. I also don't see how the incentives agreed upon are an issue since Haynesworth far exceeded them all. If the only incentive were that he make All-Pro and Pro Bowl, we'd taken that, right? The guy gave the Titans a monster season in exchange of only having a one-year tag.

    Remember, we don't know how much of the proposed Titans offer to AH was guaranteed. I still have my doubts that the numbers being thrown around are accurate either. It's not like the Titans front office gives that info to the media. I don't see AH's agent doing it either with another week to work on a deal.

    I want Haynesworth as much as anyone. But it is reasonable to be concerned about tying up too much cap room on a rotating position. We can't expect him to play more than 60% of the snaps. The Titans certainly have an injury history to consider as well.

    So, IMO, he isn't worth Jared Allen money.
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  4. Childress79

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    The only player I'd look at on that list is Tank Johnson.

    He's stayed out of trouble since 06'.

    He's only an average player but he wouldn't break the bank and he fits our 4-3 scheme.
  5. Riverman

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  6. wplatham

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    You think a guy like AH is going to be in midseason form by midseason if he doesn't sign until the week before the first game? I don't. And even if he was you would lose 7 or 8 games worth of production while he works himself back into shape. And if you only get half of the production out of AH, then nobody is going to give a first round pick for him anyways. So then he would still be a free agent, we wouldn't have gotten a Pro Bowl season out of him, and he wouldn't have any value.

    He really wouldn't be playing for a contract because he would know that we would tag him again if he played that well. He'd be playing his way into another tag, and he doesn't want that.
  7. Gut

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    Look, it's a game of chicken. We want what we want and he wants what he wants. But ultimately, the club has the leverage. The best he can do is hurt the club by not playing as he hurts himself by not getting paid. They made the point that if Peppers holds out, every game he misses he loses 1mil....and Peppers doesn't even WANT to play for the Panthers! I can just about guarantee you he'll either sign long term with Carolina, play for his tender or get traded.

    This will be a good test to see if we could have done the same thing...except it would have been easier since AH WANTS to play for us!

    At some point he would have signed the tender and held out...he's not gonna sit for the year...and if he did, we would have had that cap room to sign other players while he doesn't get paid. Again, it hurts him much more than it hurts us!

  8. Chapparal97

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    Kinda funny you slamming my ideas, but you just validated me on another thread.... aren't you the same "expert" saying we should sign Robertson from the Broncos or Julius Peppers from the Panthers? But yet we have Vickerson and Jones waiting in the wing? Hmmmm, I've stated in numerous posts I would prefer to sign a cheaper DT to get similar results.....AND I mentioned if Cecil changes things up and uses a 3-4 at times we need a young stud linebacker/DE......a la Clay Matthews.

    Peppers is a DE and has stated he wants to play in a 3-4 ..... *** for tat - Robertson is not the answer to replace Fat Al . I've even stated in other posts that I would like to see us trade up for Raji or Jerry if AH leaves.

    So yeah, apparently I kind of know what I'm talking about too.
  9. JMB54

    JMB54 Waitin on a Win!

    Chapparal, I just dont see the Titans moving into a 3-4. I have noticed in serveral of your posts you keep talking about it but the only time we came close wast against Indy and that was only because we were short on DT's. The Titans are a 4-3 team and the change of DC wont bring a change to a 3-4. JMO.
  10. Chapparal97

    Chapparal97 Grumpy Old Fart

    Ahhh, so sorry your nerves are shot. Ya gotta look at this from a business perspective though. Not a fan perspective. We have plenty of time to debate lineups during the season. Right now it's a matter of watching out for Bud's investment and putting a quality product on the field. If an individual feels his worth exceeds the teams limit, he should go elsewhere and be a superstar.

    I'd rather have 53 no name players win a superbowl than have a team turn into what the Cowboys are today. I.e......all the superstars, maxed payroll....No results.
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