Haynesworth TIME TO GO

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitansCountry25, Oct 2, 2006.

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  1. Gunny

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    I doubt it meets the requirement of attempted murder.

    Weren't his cleats actually rubber soles?
  2. GoT

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    First I would suggest you read all my posts, but I will summerize for you.

    Haynesworth should recieve a punishment according to precedent. He actually recieved more than twice the suspension for on the field misconduct than anyone else has ever recieved. I say he has more than adequately been punished.

    Geroude got stitches, not months of rehad like Clifton. Cokley throws McMVP into an equiptment cart in Dallas and there are no flags, no fines, no nothing. That was just as dirty as Haynesworth in my book.

    Finally I am perturbed by all the saintamonous crap about everyone being Shocked that a player could lose control in a football game. Crap happens every game, every play.
  3. super_titan

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    I have to agree. I dont see how anyone could be shocked by anything considering the things we see on the news and TV nowdays..
  4. Sappersis

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    sorry darlin, but there are WAY too many posts by you to go through them all, which is why i simply asked if you were seriously or seriously sarcastic. As far as being shocked that a player would do such a thing, im simply shockeed that a player would think he could get away with a thing like that. No he was not seriously injured, but he could have been. And I agree there are other violent acts that football players get away with that should they should not.
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