Haynesworth Sorry for Incident

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by goTitans.com, Oct 1, 2006.

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  1. GoT

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    "shock" I say "Shock"
  2. Puck

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    there may indeed be some finer lines drawn here

    like incidents that occur during play would not. and the league has already tightened up on horse-collar and crack-backs

    -but this happened after the play was dead
    i think that anytime an incident occurs like this during stoppage in play will be considered more of a civil incident. It is still under the authority of the league, but civil action could be taken separately
    -you really couldn't do that on a tackle or a sack

    Gene Upshaw will let us know mid-week
  3. dg1979us

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    I dont know that it will result in criminal charges, but Gurode could easily sue him if he wished and have an open and shut case.
  4. berkmanmvp2

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    A couple of things I'd like to know. What in the hell could Fat Albert have possibly been arguing about with the refs. He didn't even get thrown out of the game for the vicious, ugly, thug attack. He got run for tossing his helmet and yelling at the officials. WTF is that about?
    And then, is Jones watching these games? Jesus, we need a thug? We already have a thug -- it's Fat Albert. What we need is somebody making some plays.
  5. Brian

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  6. Sassy4Titans

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    Last week during the Miami game, I watched several times (thanks to TiVo) a Miami player poking his fingers into the eyes of one of our Titans . . . our guy was on the ground after the play and the Miami guy is poking his fingers over and over inside the helmet. It was clear on national TV--he had on those orange gloves which made it impossible to hide. Did a commentator take note? No. Did an official? No. My point: Robaire is right--there's stuff happening in the pile that none of us, unless we're down there with them, will ever know about. Albert made a stupid mistake that everybody could easily see.

    He lost his cool; he's frustrated; we're all frustrated. Raking your cleats across an opponent's unprotected face is completely unacceptable. (Interesting how they put a bandage the size of Arkansas across the guy's forehead when he came back out so we be even more reminded of what happened.) He's not proud of what he did and I'm proud of him for responding as quickly and responsibly as he did.

    Fine him, suspend him for several games but send him to jail? Come on. And stop calling players who do something aggressive "thugs" and ghetto. That's just useless. You love it when they tackle someone hard, they're not thugs then...this is a violent game. That's one reason we watch; if that makes you uncomfortable, maybe you should reconsider watching football.
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    poking a guy's eye out happens alot, and is still wrong, but usually not punished...

    but using your cleats (which are sharper than a finger) to slice a guys forehead is very uncalled for...

    i would have been much better with him just punching him or kicking him in the gut with the side of his foot...cleats are like knives....that makes this worse...

    people are not overreacting to this...this move should cost him the opportunity to wear titan blue...
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