Haynesworth Returns to Practice Thursday

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    SUMMARY: Titans DT Albert Haynesworth participated in his first practice since November 30 and feels he is close to his pre-injury form. "I've still got to knock some of this rust off. Playing helps, but I want to get back to playing the good technique where I was at before I left," Haynesworth said. He originally strained his right hamstring November 4 against Carolina and missed three games which were all Titans' losses. Haynesworth said he would continue working on his technique using his hands and his get-off at the line of scrimmage. "Hopefully by Sunday, I can be close to where I was before I left the field," Haynesworth said.

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    I guess this is the best news i heard all week. With that said we can expect "KVB" to have a great game since Haynesworth will be double team all day long! I also hope that Laboy & Odom will step up and have the best game of their life since, we already have been thru this road once before. Our secondary must step up and play those corners tough, watch that deep ball, and those double moves, cover D. Clark all day long because if we don't it will be a long day.. GO TITANS!
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