Haynesworth/Olson Dealing with Back Problems

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    SUMMARY: DT Albert Haynesworth missed his second day of practice Tuesday with back spasms. It has been something he's had to deal with since back surgery in January 2005. "The doctor always said that there would be spasms and things like that, that it would be common," Haynesworth said. "So I’m not really worried about it. The MRI showed negative, so it’s nothing serious. It’s just stuff that happened over time." G Benji Olson missed Saturday's preseason opener with his own back issues. "I was hoping to play in the game," Olson said. "It was feeling good, but about four or five hours before the game, it locked up on me again, so I’m kind of taking it a little slower this week to make sure I don’t have a relapse." Olson is hoping to ease back into drills beginning today if possible.

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    I hope this isn't serious what should have been a strength for us at the start of camp may be turning into a major weakness. With Long out, Starks with problems now this with Al it needs to get better quick. We talk a lot here about guys not being able to stay on the field and it seems this is getting to be a problem with Al the last couple of years. Maybe this is minor and everyone is just being careful if so it gets the young guys more reps and it looks like we are going to need the depth on the D line.
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    this is rather crappy and bad news we need Albert to stay healthy for a whole season
  4. Laserjock

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    Its time for the Titans to start looking at someone who might be Big Al's future replacement. This guy is velcro to these nagging injuries.
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