Hasselbeck starting against Steelers

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Oceanic815, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. GoT

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    I will be yelling for him from the first snap

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    Protect your investment, I get it. I don't like it but I get it. Ughhhhh
  3. CheeseheadTitan

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    I also remember McNair being out for a few games during our SB season. I am a huge McNair fan, but his style of play ended his career prematurely IMO....hopefully Locker realizes this.

    I do not have a problem with sitting Locker here. It is a short week, and we will see him back after this.

    That said, a part of me would like to see Rusty get another shot at some point. He looked pretty good in preseason (although, it WAS preseason). At a minimum we may find out if he can become our backup after Hass retires or leaves.
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  4. Ryno

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    better have a wheelchair on standby
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  5. razordaman

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    Why? It was Jake's fault he doesn't know how to read blitzes yet and our coaches sure can't help in that department as they don't know what one is either. Did you see Ponder? He checked our blitz and run a go route for 35+ yards. He had coaching, Jake didn't and thats why Ponder is on the field and Jake is in a sling. Simple
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  6. Two Kings

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    Manning and Brady get sacked from time to time. You are gonna say they are stupid? Doesn't make sense. That play was botched by the Oline. They should have had him protected and like a good QB you must trust your oline so you can focus on the field, WRs, faking the safeties, ect. Yes one of those is feeling the pressure but Locker didn't have any time.
  7. Alzarius

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    hes injured

    Get over it. Want to rush him back and have him out for the season?

    oh no!! hes not McNair!!! WHO ELSE IS????
  8. Titans Eternal

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    Kinda sad, but I really hope we don't see Locker for another 4-5 weeks. I don't want that shoulder issue to continue. I am fking fed up w/ injuries as a Titan fan
  9. nickmsmith

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    This was not your run of the mill sack, my man.

    This was a clearly going to be unblocked blitzer, and locker did not have the awareness to see that and change the play. There' was not the personnel there to handle the blitzer.

    That free blitzing person was on locker. Watt getting through was on the OL.

    Tom Brady and PM would have been smart enough to get out of that play. Obviously, locker is not the same kind of football IQ as those guys are. Or he just hasnt mastered the system yet.

    Bottom line: if the person is showing blitz, and there is nobody to block that person, you better either change the play or get rid of the ball in a split second. He did neither, and got reamed. QB got outschemed, and was not aware enough to react.

    There are a lot of lower level qbs (HS and NCAA) that can do that. I hope this was just a momentary lapse of judgment, or else Jake is in for a long few years here. Or short, however you look at it.
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  10. cdubbs2121

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    I remember another guy who had trouble reading blitzes, schemes, and locked on to his receivers.......

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