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    Titans quarterback Matt Hasselbeck hasn’t thrown an interception in either of his last two games, but he’ll get a significant test by Chicago’s defense on Sunday.

    The Bears are tied for the league lead with 16 interceptions, thanks in large part to cornerback Tim Jennings, who leads the NFL with six picks. Jennings had two interceptions against Carolina last week and he ran one of them back 25 yards for a touchdown.

    “He’s a very educated guesser and he’s an athletic guy,” Titans quarterback Matt Hasselbeck said. “He catches the ball, where a lot of times defensive backs bat it down. You’ll see on tape where they’re bringing pressure or it’s a third-and-7 or third-and-8 and he’s jumping routes for sure — taking guesses, taking chances and doing a great job with it. That’s what the good corners do.”

    Might the Titans look to take advantage of a cornerback that guesses and takes chances?

    “Yeah, but again, I think they’re well-coached,” Hasselbeck said. “You can tell they’re well-coached. You can tell when they play an offense, they understand the concepts of what the offense is trying to do and also the timing that they’re trying to do it.

    “So it’s all got to line up perfectly for us to take that opportunity, take that shot or whatever. But for sure, there’s things were studying right now on film that we think we can take advantage of. Then again, I’m sure they’re saying the same thing about us.”

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